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The Eida HaHareidit angle to ‘who really owns the land of Israel’?

It’s time to take a look at another chunk of ‘info’ that just swung loose.

The real title of this post should be ‘Frankists and the Eda Hareidit’ – although if I actually made that prominent as the title, this post would probably be shadow-banned right out the door.

That’s also why I stopped tagging my posts with the words ‘Frankists’ and ‘Sabbatean-Frankists’ btw – I noticed that my site got ‘whited out’ every time I did that.

Because it’s just a conspiracy theory, don’t you know….And the Sabbatean-Frankists stopped being a ‘thing’ a hundred years ago.



So, back in THIS post, we finally started to surface some of the real names of the Sabbatean-Frankists who have been funding aliyah to Eretz Yisrael for at least 200 years.

The Amsterdam banker who was funding the Vilna Gaon’s PERUSHIM – and most of the Old Yishuv – was called Tzvi Hirsh LEHREN, and his family tree links us straight into the heart of the Frankist nexus.

His father leads us back to AKIVA FRANKFURTER GUGGENHEIM, who either ‘went xtian’ himself, or has a brother who ‘went xtian’ called AMSCHEL SCHLEUSINGEN….

And on the other side, his mother was JUDIT LEA DUSCHNITZ, married to BARUCH BENDIT SEGAL DUSCHENES – close family, although the tree is heavily distorted in just this area.

And you know why that is?

Because both BARUCH BENDIT and JUDIT LEA descended from, and were related to, and very likely were themselves, Frankist royalty.

And their son Tzvi Hirsh LEHREN was funding the Vilna Gaon’s Perushim and the Old Yishuv.


Before we continue, I want to quote a lengthy passage from Prof. Pawel Maciejko’s book on the Frankists, called The Mixed Multitude.

I highly recommend you go and read that book, if you really want to understand how these Sabbatean-Frankists weren’t just ‘anti Torah’, they were actually part of a religion that had some profoundly twisted religious beliefs.

Once you understand a little of these ‘religious beliefs’, it starts to get easier to understand how these people could both be antinomian Frankists – plus including members who ‘dressed frum’ were both funding and heading up the Old Yishuv in Eretz Yisrael.

This comes from page 251, where Maciejko is describing the efforts of some of the Prague rabbis to try to derail the Frankist movement – which included most of the richest andmost connected Jewish families in Prague.

This resulted in unrest, which in turn resulted in some of the leading Frankists appealing to the authorities for protection – and that’s the only reason their names couldn’t also be totally ‘scrubbed’ from this account.

There was too much evidence to hide.


Here’s what Maciejko writes:

LOW ENOCH VON HONIGSBERG was a son-in-law of JONAS WEHLE, usually recognised as leader of Prague Sabbateanism.

He wrote a large number of esoteric letters, homilies and exegetical tracts expounding the secrets of Sabbateanism….

The epistles of LOW ENOCH VON HONIGSBERG were composed between 1800-1803.

They were addressed to the Prague Sabbatean group called by the author ‘the Holy Community’, or the ‘Association of Believers’.

This group….Honigsburg counterpoised with the ‘mixed multitude’ (erev rav): non-Sabbatean nonbelieving pseudo-Jews, whose lack of faith attested that their souls originated among not the true Israelites but the Egyptians.”


It was totally the ‘upside-down’ world, already by this point.

Nearly all the leading ‘elite’ rabbis and their families were Sabbatean, and believed Shabtai Tzvi was the ‘moshiach’, at least the ‘Moshiach ben Yosef’, who would either ‘rise again’, or would be reincarnated again in a different ‘body’ to fulfill the job he had started.

And these families and the ‘elite’ rabbis believed that whoever didn’t believe this – was actually an erev rav pseudo Jew.

But the movement kept splintering and dividing itself into more and more seperate groups and ‘idealogies’, as different leaders showed up claiming to be the continuation of Shabtai Tzvi.

That happened with the Donmeh in Turkey – that fractured into at least three seperate groups.

And in happened back in Podolia / Poland and the Pale of Settlement and other places were ‘elite’ Sabbatean rabbis were hanging out, including Prague.


Let’s quote a bit more from Maciejko:

“Even a cursory glance at the manuscripts [of HONIGSBURG] reveals deep differences between Honigsburg’s writings and the Words of the Lord [the teachings of ‘Jacob Frank’ Eskeles]….


The Prague Sabbateans basically discarded a lot of the ‘Frankist innovations’ introduced to the faith by Jacob Frank Eskeles, but the whole Sabbtean idea of continuing to be two-faced hypocrites, referred to as ‘paradoxical faith’ – because they externally pretended to be the very opposite of what they really believed – was continued as a key plank of their ‘religion’.

Here’s more from Maciejko:

[T]he persecution of the Sabbateans by the rabbinic authorities in Prague is presented as a test and at the same time as a blessing: [Honigsburg writes]:

“We should thank God that the few of us were taken from the mixed multitude [i.e. The Jewish community who didn’t believe in Shabtai Tzvi as the continuation of Yoshki]…. And that they themselves excluded us from their midst.”…

Only the believers [in Shabtai Tzvi] have ‘the true religion’…

However, Honigsberg rejects the conversion to xtianity, precisely because it is xtianity, not Judaism, that is the true religion.

The Prague group should stay within the Jewish fold in order to strengthen their paradoxical faith:

[Honigsburg writes:] “There is a need for a special group of people (and not only single individuals) who are – with the greatest piety and fear of God – prepared to undergo all sorts of persecutions for the sake of the Holy Faith. This group will be formed by emunah.”

Happiness and redemption are found in Christianity, but Sabbatians should remain Jewish until the last stage of history.”


Maciejko then goes on to quote Honigsburg beliefs that all organised religion has to fall, all the nobility and the governing system has to collapse – and then, ‘the Virgin’ will be revealed.

This is all connected to Jacob Frank’s theology around the ‘Black Madonna’ – and to people with their eyes open, it’s obviously satanic, just with a ‘wrapping’ of conventional xtianity.


Please go buy the book, and start to learn more of where these Sabbatean-Frankists were coming from, as it will make it so much easier to unpick what’s really going on, as this progresses.

And that brings me to the next piece of the puzzle, centred around the leader of the EIDA HACHAREIDIT of Jerusalem, called YOSEF TZVI DUSHINSKY.


Honigsburg was writing what he was writing between 1800-1803.

Less than six years later, TZVI HIRSH LEHREN, scion of the DUSHINSKY family of Sabbatean-Frankists starts funding the Vilna Gaon’s Perushim, and the Old Yishuv, and pours a huge amount of money into the enterprise.

If you go back and look at the family trees of known Frankists like HONIGSBURG and the WEHLEs, you find all these people are VERY closely connected.

And it’s important to remember, that they were practising endogamy to a very pronounced degree, for lots of reasons, including that there was a rabbinic ban in place on marrying Sabbatean-Frankists, because of their incredible tumah-dik practises, as publically enumerated by Prague Rabbi Eliezer Fleckeles, which included:

Necromancy; masturbating and smearing the body with semem [a known ‘black magic’ rite, also practised by Freemasons and the ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’, and probably a bunch others]; permitting and encouraging incest; wife-swapping and group s*x; ‘complete s*xual freedom’, and permitting ‘perjury, theft and adultery’.


No truly God-fearing, truly observant Torah Jew would want to marry into this group, no matter how rich and connected they were.

And they, for their part, were trying to keep alive the flame of their ‘paradoxical faith’ (and also, to keep the money and the ‘connections’ in the family….)


So now, let’s take a closer look at YOSEF TZVI DUSHINKSY.

On the HaMichlol website in Hebrew, we learn this:

Born in the town of Pakash, Hungary to Rabbi Yisrael Duschinsky[1].

He was a disciple of Rabbi Simcha Bunam Sofer, Rabbi of Pressburg, and Rabbi Moshe Pollak, Rabbi of Bonihad, and was influenced by their worldview in accordance with the path of Rabbi Moshe Sofer, the Hatam Sofer.


You remember, that some unnamed son of the Chatam Sofer was the ‘rent-a-psak’ for banker Tzvi Hirsh Lehren, who was trying to stop more people from making aliya, because he couldn’t afford to a) pay for them under the current halukah arrangement and b) control the Old Yishuv with draconian ‘laws’ about not working, if these people were allowed to work and fundraise for themselves.


You can go and read more yourself, but this is the snippet that took my eye:

Under the influence of his father-in-law, Rabbi Mordechai Yehuda Liv Winkler, he went on Shabbat to Shiniawara to Rabbi Yehezkel Shraga Halberstam, who was very fond of him, and thus became close to the Hasidic movement.

His approach to this path was intensified when he rose to become the rabbi of Chust in the district of Marmarosh, since in this town most of the residents were members of Hasidic communities, as in other cities in the same district. 

When he arrived in Chust, he even changed his clothes to Hasidic clothing and began to practice Hasidicism], when he used to visit every year all the villages located in the Galilee of Khost city, he would conduct a tish on the Sabbath night as is customary for Admorim Hasidim, and he would sometimes receive a kvitlach from his disciples and admirer .

Upon his ascension to the Land of Israel, he instituted Hasidic practices among his students, and founded the prayer text ‘the Mahrich text’ which combines Ashkenaz and Sephardic], and has since adopted traditional Jerusalem dress and even encouraged his students to dress with a Streimel on Shabbat.


Go take a closer look, which other ‘infamous rabbis of Chust’ – and their descendants – are still hitting the headlines today, for all the wrong reasons.


Long story short, YOSEF TZVI DUSHINSKY is kind of ‘parachuted in’ to Jerusalem from Hungary to take over as the head of the Eida Chareidit, and a lot of people aren’t happy about that.

Let’s take a look at his family tree (HERE), to see if we can pick up some clues why YOSEF TZVI DUSHINSKY was suprisingly accorded this great honor, to lead the Ashkenazi ‘Old Yishuv’ in Jerusalem.


So, there’s lots of interesting stuff going on.

The first thing to tell you, is that he was a descendent of that same CHANOCH HEINACH SHICK, ABD OF SHKLOV that AI likes to ban people for asking about, and who also gave us a whole bunch of other interesting people including key ‘Chabad’ figures like PINCHAS ‘ROSANES’ SHICK.

(Oh, and also ‘Elka Joss’, wife of MOSES DOBRUSHKA, founder of the Asian Brotherhood, Frankist, close relative of Jacob Frank, and key player in the French Revolution…  More about that another time.)


Here’s how that shakes out:


In that same family tree, we find that the MAHARAM SHICK is his maternal uncle – i.e. the brother of his mother, Leah Shick, and also a direct descendant of that same CHANOCH HEINACH SHICK, ABD SHKLOV.

We’ll come back to him another time, BH.

But what yichus!!!

Already, we have connected him to Shklov, the Gabia Hakesef Binyamin Rivlin, fingered as the ‘secret Frankist Rebbe’ by Athol Bloomer, the POPPER family of rich prague tobacco merchants who intermarried with the family of MOSES DOBRUSHKA, leading students of the ALTER REBBE of CHABAD – and we didn’t even get to the DUSCHINSKY part yet…


On the DUCHINSKY side, we hit a problem.

The family tree has been almost totally scrubbed.

This is what remains:


That ‘HASSID’ surname links us back to the family of the Vilna Gaon…. But of course, all the real info has been scrubbed.

Even to the point of having gravestones ‘disappeared’:


This comes from the FLICKR site HERE, and it’s entitled: This famous tombstone has disappeared.

I think you are starting understand at least some of the reason that might have happened.



As always, this post could carry on for a million years.

But I will stop here for today.

And I want to encourage you to really start to engage with the information we’re discovering here now, because this is no longer a ‘theory’, that the Jewish community got hijacked by Sabbatean Frankists.

It’s a fact.

With real people, real names, real organisations, starting to turn up in great amounts, the more we uncover this.

And we need to take this seriously, and make more effort to know thine enemy.

Because these people come dressed in all sorts of disguises.

Including the frummest of ‘frum Jews’.



PS: As I was typing this up, I got another anonymous email entitled ‘oy vey’ from some of the people who hate Rav Berland, cursing him and anyone who follows him…

The Eida Chareidit – and their followers – really don’t like Rav Berland and his community.

Figure the rest out for yourself.



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12 replies
  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    Rivka, now that you’ve outed the Eidah haHaredit as cooperating with the S/F crowd, what does that do to their hechsher kashruth? Practically the whole Haredi world and other seriously religious groups rely on it as the best of the best.

    • Becky
      Becky says:

      Quite a few people in my town will only eat Landau chicken and some of them are mashgichim for the Eida.
      So there are those who abstain from the Eida kashrus especially when more care is to be taken.

      We live in an industrialized society. From a kashrus point of view, it would probably be preferable to prepare food on your own or buy from people you trust.

      My brother in law who in process of becoming a mashgiach for the OU says that the kashrus nowadays is better than it was before things were industrialized, but my husband and I have a hard time accepting that position.

  2. Simon
    Simon says:

    I watched a ‘documentary’ (I don’t know what to call it) about the persecution of Rav Berland (may he live long days and years), and it spoke a lot about this wicked [edited]-surname guy. You mentioned that family as being Sabbatean previously…

    Also, regarding “sacred” prostitution-“hieros gamos”, which I was thinking about, I believe Izevel the wife of Israelite king Achav, was a “sacred” prostitute, and the Bible mentions her sorcery and harlotry.

    • jozef danielewicz
      jozef danielewicz says:

      hashem just answered one of my questions by miracle in the middle of sending a message to ravberland tld com. it says the TLS cert is from starfield technologies, but i couldn’t load a checksum for the public key for the TLS handshake. yesh tikvah, ein shum yeoush bahaolam klal.


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