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“The Geula is no longer being held up”

full steam ahead

For years, I’ve been writing here on the blog how the Rav – and others, but especially the Rav – has been continually ‘sweetening’ things.


I got an email from someone that basically said:

Who cares about rav Berland getting to uman for Rosh Hashona ?


The answer is, Rav Berland cares about that, and he’s said that if he doesn’t get to Uman this year, there will be a shoah that even he can’t get sweetened.

The Rav doesn’t say these things stam… part of having emunat Tzaddikim is that we accept that there are people in the world that know way more than we do about what is really going on.

So, if he says he needs to get to Uman this year, and if he’s asking people to say another TK to help make that happen – to avoid another shoah, God forbid – that’s good enough for me.

At the bottom of this post, I have put the video and translated comments from a few weeks back, where this was clearly explained.

Back to the original post now:


If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll have seen many examples of this happening ‘in real time’.

Wars that just disappear for no obvious reason….’tension’ that melts away on a million different fronts….lockdowns and forced-masking and green passport apartheid that all stop once the Rav gets out of prison….

But the last few weeks, it’s been feeling to me like ‘this can’t carry on like this for much longer’.

Maybe it’s the heatwave, maybe it’s the ongoing chaos all around the Knesset and in Kaplan, maybe it’s just years and years and years of being on the frontlines trying to battle for good and ‘truth in journalism’ – but the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling like I need a rest.


Perhaps you’ve been seeing some signs of that on the blog.

I’ve been deliberately ignoring a lot of what is happening here in Israel, not because I’m in denial, but because it’s becoming so obvious now that there is a ‘war against Torah’ and against religious Jews going on here, a lot more people are waking up and noticing it.

It’s got to the point where I don’t need to keep pointing it out any more, like I have been for years, and particularly, where that ‘war against Torah’ got sharpened into a ‘war’ against the Rav and his community.


For years and years, people just couldn’t believe the fantastic-sounding claim that the security apparatus in the ‘democratic’ State of Israel would be targeting the Rav and framing him for crimes he never committed, with the full help of the corrupt media, and about four million ‘useful idiots’ who believe everything they read online.


Things are starting to change.

Now, the truth is coming out more and more, about who has been after the Rav for years, and why they have been doing it.


And guess what?

Coming after the Rav was only the beginning.

Don’t forget, this whole saga started back 10 years ago, when Lapid first got into government and immediately went into action trying to dismantle one yeshiva, one Talmud Torah, one ‘child benefit’ after another.

What’s going on right now is Part II of that same story – but now, the end is finally coming into sight.


I got sent the following video.

It’s one of the Rav’s leading talmidim, R Shlomo Elmaliach, describing how he was at R’ Chaim Dovid Stern recently, and R’ Stern told him that the geulah is no longer being ‘held up’, so that more people could wake up and make teshuva, before the curtain comes down.

R Elmaliach then said that after he heard this from R’ Stern, the Rav’s grandson told him that two weeks’ earlier, Rav Berland had also said effectively the same thing – that there is no more ‘disturbing Hashem’ and His plans to bring the geulah any more.


If I’m honest, I have mixed feelings about all this.

No-one knows how much of this process has been ‘sweetened’ already  – although for sure, a huge amount has been sweetened by the mesirut nefesh of the Rav and the other tzaddkim, over the last few years.

But for sure, we are still going to experience some difficult times ahead.

Even if we are ‘safe’ in the Tzaddik’s circle (as per Rabbenu’s story of the Cripple) – even if we’re saying our Tikkun Haklalis every day, trying to work on our bad middot, trying to move to Israel if we can, or at least to yearn to be here, trying to follow Rabbenu’s teachings and instructions, trying to work on our arrogance, trying to identify and stick close to the real Tzaddikim in the world….

It’s still kind of scary.

When the focus is on the ‘soul’, as it should be, there are no guarantees that ‘the body’ makes it through this process of geulah.


The point is what happens to the soul.

And some times, people are so sunk in the tumah that the very process of making real teshuva itself means the soul can no longer stand to be in the world.

Look at the story of Eliezer ben Dordaya, who chased after every prostitute in the world – and then finally made sincere teshuva, and kind of died immediately from a broken heart.

From a ‘this world’ perspective – it’s a sad story.

From a ‘soul’ perspective – he got ‘the world to come’ in a moment!


But he had to die at the pinnacle of his teshuva process to do that, maybe otherwise because the yetzer hara would have pulled him back into the tumah, otherwise.

It could be, something not so different is going to play out here.

Who knows.


Anyway, here’s the video, in Hebrew:


But one thing is clear:

Things are not going to continue ‘quasi-normal’ for much longer.

The earthquakes are picking up again – and also, forecast to start hitting some unusual locations, like this one:

Rare M5 range due in Ukraine Romania region.

The Rav really needs to get to Uman Rosh Hashana this year, for the ‘best case’ scenario to play out.

I hope that happens.


PS: You can help that to happen.

Consider taking it upon yourself to say a Tikkun Haklali a day, in the merit of the Rav getting to Uman.

It’s the short cut to joining ‘the Tzaddik’s circle’, wherever you happen to live.

And going forward, the value of doing that is going to start to become more and more obvious.



(From HERE)

I got sent the link to this video yesterday, but after Molly’s comments about the Tikkun HaKlalis, I thought I should also put it up here, for wider consumption.


It’s in Hebrew, but these are the main points:

The narrator says: Everyone should know the current situation of the Rav, who said to a Talmid visiting Uman:

  1. Pray for me that I shouldn’t go back to prison
  2. Pray for me that I shouldn’t need to go back to hospital
  3. Pray for me that I should get to Uman for Rosh Hashana, may good be upon us.


The narrator then says: everyone was asking what the Rav actually intended with these words.

He explained the Rav is in and out of hospital all the time, and that we already know how important it is for him to get to Uman. That leaves the matter of ‘going to prison’.

Three months’ ago, the Rav talked about going back to prison again – and at that time, there were new court proceedings happening again, that can’t be publicised, but the Rav said what can I do? I’m obligated to go back to prison.

At that time, he said the only thing that can ‘cancel’ this is if people went immediately to Heveron to pray – and Baruch Hashem, we merited to do this, and it got cancelled, and the Tzaddik stayed with us.


The narrator then explains that the rashaim aren’t staying quiet for a moment, and are constantly seeking out new ways to come after the Rav.

If the Rav says we need to pray to avoid him being sent back to prison – he means it literally.


Next, the narrator returns to the subject of the Rav’s fragile state of health.

Two weeks before the video was put out, Rav Succot explained that the Rav told him on Shabbat morning – in front of tens of other people – that the doctors were giving him just one more month to live [God forbid a trillion times.]

These are the words the Rav himself said to R’ Eliyahu Succot.


Next, the narrator talks about Uman, Rosh Hashana.

The Rav told another one of this senior students that the persecutors are doing everything they can to keep him out of Uman, on Rosh Hashana, in every way possible.

But, the Rav said if he doesn’t get to Uman this Rosh Hashana, there will be no ‘sweetening’ of the judgements, etc, and chas v’shalom, there will be a Shoah.


The narrator then explains the huge importance of saying Tikkun Haklalis – as many as possible – for the Rav to get to Uman this Rosh Hashana, to continue to be with us, and to avoid going back to prison.

And of course – to sweeten all the harsh judgements hanging over every single one of us, and if you have no idea that there are ‘harsh judgements’ going on, then congratulations, the meds are working.

The narrator explains some of the ‘hints’ the Rav has been making about this.


Next (at the 4.15 min mark) the narrator explains they are trying to get 100,000 Tikkun Haklalis said for the Rav – minimum.

You can sign up to have your TKs counted on the Breslov line, by dialling #50.

The narrator then reminds us that the Rav has said in the past, that whoever prays for me, at that same moment, I’m praying for them.

It’s a really good deal, b’kitzur.

The Rav also told people to continue to pray for him separately, and to not stop, because he’s very ill.


There’s more to say, but that’s what I have time to translate for now.

I’m trying to do three TKs a day at the moment, even one a day is a good start – and I know some people who are doing 8 a day! (Good for you, girl, you know who you are…)

And may we just hear good news.

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7 replies
    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Yosef, you would probably feel way happier if you could let go of the need to ‘understand’ and just approach this with simple emuna.

      There is no answer anyone else can give you to this repeated question.

      • Yossi
        Yossi says:

        I can’t handle the cognitive dissonance any more. We can’t rely on anything the Rav says. It will always change at some point. I feel like what they must have felt in Mitzrayim, “THIS time the plague will convince Paro! It’s over, we’re leaving!” Then, after the letdown, “We can’t rely on anything Moshe says.”

        I would definitely have died with the 80% in the darkness. Hashem help!

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          It’s awesome that you are being honest about this. That takes so much humility, kol hakavod. And this time, is the ‘fixing’ of what went before. That’s why it’s so hard.

        • Simon
          Simon says:

          May God bless you in dealing with your test/rectification, and to fulfill the verse:
          “Be strong and let your hearts take courage, all who wait longingly for Hashem!”


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