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There is a lot going on in Israel at the moment, deliberately orchestrated or otherwise.


Watch this precious Jew, a ‘leftie protester’ wrapped in a huge Israeli flag, who gets to Bnei Brak… hears them playing ‘Shalom Aleichem’ – and bursts into tears and starts singing along with it while he is crying his eyes out.


The pintele yid is igniting in some very unexpected ways!

BH, the ‘cholent effect’ is kicking in.


It’s Rosh Chodesh Nissan…. maybe things are finally, really starting to crumble and fall apart here – for the good!

Here is the Telegram channel that is now my main source of ‘Israel news’ – it’s in Hebrew, but you can pick ‘translate’ and the whole thing will be readable in English:


It seems we are at really at some make or break point, at least in terms of whether this escalates up, or fizzles out.

And because I have no idea what’s really going on, I have no idea what option is better, so whatever happens, again, it’s all for the best.


In the middle of all this turmoil, there is a lot of light starting to show through.

There are good people on all sides of this ‘debate’ – regardless of the corrupt politicians, puppets and bureaucrats leading all this.

And I’ve read a few stories today of people on the left dancing with chareidim outside Aryeh Deri’s home in Jerusalem…. and making it clear that this is about the corrupt leaders and policies, NOT about the people they represent.

Also tonight’s march in Bnei Brak – a lot of the lefties are not going to it, because the movement called ‘Standing Together’ put out a statement decrying the obvious move to make this about ‘religious people’, instead of about corrupt politicians, and even more corrupt judges.


There is some hope on the horizon, as this birur continues, that more and more people are really starting to understand who the real enemy is here.

And it’s not your neighbor down the road, even if they are on the ‘opposite side’ of whatever the argument is meant to be.

It’s the evil people in power here, the ‘puppet politicians’ and army leaders and judges and all the rest of them, all just trying to ignite another Jewish civil war for the controllers, so then we can get officially ‘invaded’, or something, by our hostile neighbors.

But that’s not going to happen.

It’s very interesting, what’s going on here.

And I think tonight will be some sort of ‘breaking point’, at least in terms of the game being played in the same way it has been, for the last few months.


It’s amazing how many different people the police here have been literally beating up, recently.

Watch this, from a couple of hours ago:

Even the people we like to call ‘the elite’ are starting to figure out that Israel really is a dictatorship – and in many ways, always has be.


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  1. moshe parry
    moshe parry says:

    too bad all of this didn’t take place yrs ago inside israel before upwards of 60-75% of the jewish population agreed to or got coerced into taking 3 or 4 vaxxes… it’s going to maim or kill most of them G-d forbid barring a nes… there is no known cure for what is transpiring inside their bodies but the good news is I just uncovered some evidence that the elitist slime had their scientific crowd develop an antidote along with the killer virus that completely reverses the effects of the shots not even leaving behind any antibodies… with the antidote people could be restored to their health status before the covid scamdemic hit… trouble is getting the vile reshayim to admit this actually exists and that they’ve been holding it back from us keeping it strictly for themselves… of course even if they were to mass produce this potion tomorrow for us and get it out over the weekend 20mil plus have still died from the vaxx worldwide and 1bil have been harmed… maybe the antidote if we can find it cures these terrible side-effects as well… truth.out…


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