The interview that says it all

This interview is from last year, but just got translated into English now.

It’s totally awesome….

Ashreinu, that we have a rabbi like this in our generation.

I hope your preparations for Shavuot are going well, and BH, we’ll really achieve the 50th gate of holiness this chag – and it will all turn around in a blink of an eye.

Chag sameach!


Interview with Attorney Ephraim Dimri, given in Hebrew on the ‘Tzaddik Hotline’ around Adar 5782 (March 2022) (when the Rav was finally released from prison, this last time.)

(Dimri represented the Rav in court a few year ago. Also, read THIS.)

“We were very happy that the Rav was released, and we had no doubt that the Rav would be released, even though we had no connection whatsoever with this case.

I want to say a little about my personal relationship with the Rav. I sat with him for hundreds of hours, if not thousands of hours, and I greatly admire him. I said this in every media outlet that I could possibly speak to.

This last case that the Rav was brought in for investigation for was a practise of ‘manipulation’, that they use during their investigation of a case. They were using manipulative tactics. They took advantage of the Rav’s simplicity.

And they took advantage, because they know the Rav is very easy-going, and would tell them whatever they want to hear. They took advantage, because they know that the way the Rav speaks is not the way that regular people speak. He speaks on a much higher level, and a lot of times they can interpret it in a way that’s good for their purposes.

The investigators take advantage of this, and then publicise the words that the Rav says which are taken out of context. And with the Rav, it’s very easy for them to do this.

But Baruch Hashem, this time, they didn’t succeed and the Rav was released, as they had no power to hold him any longer.


I want to repeat things that I said in the past, about my connection with the Rav, things that I’ve seen with my own eyes.

The first time I went to meet the Rav, he was in Tzalmon Prison, close to the Kinneret, in the Summer. I said to myself that before I go and see him, he’s a big Tzaddik, I’d never seen him before – I’m going to first toivel (ritually immerse) in the Kinneret.

I heard that he’s a very holy man. Then I came to him and as soon as I came in, he recieved me with song and dance and joy. And he says to me, you just toivelled in the Kinneret! It wasn’t as though my hair was wet anymore. So I asked the Rav, how do you know I was in the Kinneret>

He told me, I see two angels around you. And he said the names of the angels, and then he starts talking to the angels. And I’m looking around, trying to see who he is talking to… Someone who doesn’t understand his awesomely high spiritual level thinks there is some sort of mental issue here, but it’s clear to me that the Rav is on a very high level.

And the more time I spent with him, the hundreds of hours that I spent with him, the more I realised what an awesome, holy man this is. And I’m a very down-to-earth person, I don’t live in illusions.


Many times when I would come to him with my partner from my office, another lawyer. It was in the parsha Lech Lecha, when Avraham Avinu receives guests.

So the Rav sees us and he says come to my room, I need to honor you because you are my guests. Now, you should understand that the way the prison operates, there is no chance in the world that a lawyer, anywhere in the world, would be allowed to go inside the personal prison cell of the prisoner. There is always a room where they sit and meet the lawyers.

There is no possibility, or permission ever granted, for a lawyer to go into the prison cell, even if the lawyer himself requests it, and even if the prisoner invites him to his prison cell. Also technically, it’s impossible, because there are a number of doors you have to go through, and each door is a heavy electronic door with cameras on it, and each time you have to go through one door, the guard who is looking through the cameras opens it, then closes it behind you, before he’ll open the next door. In order to make sure that no-one can possibly get in.

So even technically speaking, it’s impossible for anyone to get through those doors, except for the prisoner himself, who the guards open the doors for.

So the Rav invited us to his room, and I said to him, honored Rabbi, there is just no way we can get to your room. There are a bunch of doors between here and there, and there is no way they are going to open them for us.

But he insisted that we come with him. So the Rav took his tallit, and he covered both of us with his tallit, me and my partner, the other attorney with me called Yaakov Moses – he put it over our heads.

And he pushes the heavy brass doors open, these doors, as though they were a simple door, and he bring us to his room and he says sit down. You are my guests. And he gives us a drink of water.


You should know that the prison is operated as a ‘closed circuit’ system, so it’s impossible for any doors to be left open. As soon as one door is already opened, another door will not open. So, as there is a series of doors, it was impossible – there was no natural way that all these doors were left open. This was clearly a supernatural thing that the Rav brought us into his room, without any guards opening the doors for us, or standing over us.

So, he gave us a drink and he also gave us something to eat, so we could make the blessing mezonot. He really honored us, and he was very happy and he sat down to give us a Torah lesson on the parsha, about the angels who came to visit Avraham in the heat of the day. And we were sitting there astonished the entire time.

Then he told us to make a blessing after the food and drink. We finished blessing and the prison guards who were around saw us and they were shocked. How is it possible that you lawyers are sitting on the bed of the prisoner and talking to him?! They were so shocked, they didn’t say anything else to us.

So then the Rav says, ok we’re finished. Thanks for being my guests. He walks them to the door [of the cell] pushes it open the same way he got in, and then we went out the same way we got in.

No-one checked us, no-one said anything. We were speechless the entire time.


A different time when I was with the Rav, he gave me his tallit and tefillin. I will never forget it. There are other stories like this where the Rav would make doors open, and make the guards not be able to ‘see’ on the video.

A different time we went into his room, and they said to us, how can it be that you went in, we don’t see you on the video?

A different time when we came to visit the Rav, in the room that is set aside for the lawyers, also that room, you need the guards to open it up for you. I saw the Rav from the window, and there was no guard to open it for me, so the Rav said just come in! I said to him, what are you talking about?! There is no way I can just push this door open it’s a metal door that weighs about a ton! Let’s just wait for the guard to come.

But the Rav told me, no, just give it a push, and it will open. So I gave it a push – and it opened! And I’m sitting there in the room, and then after five minutes the guard comes and he’s all shocked, and he asked me: how did you get into this room?! So I told him that I just pushed the door open.

He says, it can’t be, that’s impossible. Let me look at the cameras to see what really happened. So he looks in the cameras – and he can’t see anything. It didn’t show up. And the guard also wanted to know how the Rav got in to that room, because the Rav also needed the guard to open it up for him, too….

Most of them have their own doors, that they need to be ‘opened’.

So he went to look at the videos and he didn’t see anything – he didn’t see how we got in. So he went to call the top technician who’s in charge of the closed circuit system. So he shut the door and checked the system, to see how it was possible that it was opened – but he couldn’t figure it out! And there is no way that you can explain to this type of person about the Rav’s awesome holiness.

And I have many, many stories like this.


So, in this case, I’m not at all surprised that the Rav was released quickly.

I knew this would happen. They were just using him to strengthen their investigation, and to manipulate the words he said to their advantage. But there was no way that they could get him behind bars with this case, as he had absolutely nothing to do with this story.

And they knew that.

The Rav has no connection whatsoever to this story.


Now when we used to sit and learn together, we used to learn for hours on end. And when I’d come to visit him, he’d bring a sefer with him, and he would bring me the sefer, and he would be without any sefer, and he would quote it word for word by heart, and tell me where I’m holding and tell me where to go.

And when I would ask the Rav about a certain topic, and where it is, where it’s talking about it – the Rav, without even looking, would open the book to a certain page and point to it – without even looking!

This is the power of someone whose whole entire life was spent in the Torah. He has holy power through his learning Torah all of his life. And I amazed by it, and I see it on a regular basis. And his level of wisdom and understanding is not to be compared to anything else in the world that I’ve ever witnessed.

He knows all of the Torah. All parts of the Torah. He knows history. He knows other knowledge. And in the Torah, the Shechina speaks through him. Halacha, gemara, kabbalah, midrashim, I can testify about all this.

You could put him on a desert island and not give him food for 30 or 40 days, and come back – he’ll be fine! Food is not something that gives him life. He lives by the Torah. The physical world doesn’t drive him. He can talk for five hours and not even think about taking a sip of water, for example.


Something else that is hard for us regular human beings to comprehend, are things that I would witness when I was sitting with him for a number of hours, and then I would go out and say, wow, this is not normal… the way he runs his life.

Everyone who sits with him, he gives them a good feeling. He gives very, very positive, good energy. If there was a way to measure the energy that surrounds a person when he’s with the Rav – it’s very, very positive, very, very powerful.

This is the Rav of the Torah. The Rav doesn’t sleep at night, he never sleeps at night. The whole day and night he’s learning Torah. One time I asked him, why don’t you get some rest? He told me: we’re meant to learn Torah day and night – and the Rav takes this literally!

He takes it literally!


I represented many rabbis throughout my career, and I never had anyone like him at all, anyone else that’s even near to his level.

Anyone who has any questions about the Rav, I tell them just sit with him for three minutes, and then you’ll have no questions any more. But I could say this about the Rav, that the Rav does tikkunim (spiritual rectifications) for each person who comes to him, and also for Am Yisrael generally.

He’s not just working in this world, he’s also doing things on a much higher level that we can’t comprehend, that we don’t even understand. To think that someone like this has taken on so much suffering for nothing, someone who’s over 80, someone like this – it’s not a joke.

There are a lot of things going on around that we don’t see.


The lawyers who were preparing the Rav for this most recent investigation, they told the Rav that all you need to do is say the truth, and then you’re out. Just say the truth – think about the kehilla and your family, the kehilla is very important to you, and you need to be with them. You shouldn’t say things that will get you in trouble, just say the truth.

The Rav told them: There are also other things that are very important….But he didn’t explain himself further. But it was obviously connected to things that were happening on a global level, to Am Yisrael and the world, that he takes on himself things that we can’t really comprehend or understand.

And that is what [the lawyers] were concerned about, that the Rav would say something that he didn’t actually do. There are also things in the upper worlds that the Rav is involved in, that I can’t really expound on. If the Rav wants to talk about these things himself… things that I witnessed that I can’t really expound on.

There are things that I saw that I wasn’t able to sleep for two days afterwards. I’m not going to talk about it. Thousands of hours, I spent with the Rav. There were people he healed, people who came to him for help, and he healed them. Anyone can see with their own eyes what is going on.

But regular human beings just can’t understand. Someone has to be on a very high level, to do these kind of things. It doesn’t matter with the Rav if you put him in prison or in his house – he’ll be the same person.

The physical body will be there, but the ruach, the spirit, is somewhere else completely. Put him in a freezing cold cell, minus degrees – he’s the same person. It’s not about his physical being, it’s about his spiritual being. You see that clearly.

That’s all that I can say right now, but there’s a lot more that I’m not saying. I’ve witnessed things with my own eyes, that I can’t talk about. Part of the tikkun is that the Rav comes, and he takes things upon himself.


Remember this, for when the ‘aliens’ show up….

That’s when we’re all really going to need a real Rav to cling too, and it’ll be obvious that the ‘fakers’ just aren’t up to the job.


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  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    Since you have wisdom on these matters, I’ll ask another question about this:
    I am still quite struggling with having immoral thoughts…. I continue to pray much to God about it, but the issue is still the same.
    What should I do?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      First, understand this is a long haul situation – not a quick fix.

      Second – guard your eyes as much as you can.

      Third – carry on asking God for help.

      Four – Rabbenu teaches that two thoughts can’t exist in a person’s brain at the same time. He says the mind is like a horse – lead it ‘away’ from the places you don’t want to go.

      B’hatzlacha Simon, this is mamash a difficult test. But each time you even just TRY to overcome, you make God very happy.

  2. AK
    AK says:

    Wow this sent shivers down my spine. Baruch Hashem I was zocheh to meet the Rav twice, and that my eyes have been open to his greatness. An Amazing article.


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