A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a whole post about the ‘poisonous tree’ I was trying to get out my front garden.


You can read that HERE.

Me being me, removing the poisonous tree became a whole allegory for trying to remove that poisonous family tree of Sabbatean-Frankists, that have basically taken over the whole Jewish world, with its sprouts popping up all over the place, in all sorts of unexpected ways.

I was making slow but steady progress two weeks ago, until two things happened:

  1. My neighbor kept stopping by to tell me I was ‘stupid’ to be trying to get the tree out, especially as I didn’t even own the garden it was growing in.
  2. I got bitten by something that gave me a really weird looking thing on my finger when I was busy trying to saw more of the tree’s roots off by hand.

BH, applying clay for a few days took care of it, because I was starting to worry it was the bite of a brown recluse spider, or something.

But point is, I kind of went off attacking what was left of the tree after that.


And so, the Erev Rav have won….

They are here to stay. Getting that poisonous tree out of the holy soil of Eretz Yisrael is beyond me, and I basically give up, God.

That’s where I was holding until yesterday afternoon.


Yesterday afternoon, two of my worst nightmares showed up together in the garden.

One was my landlady, wearing a blue mask up to her eyebrows, AND a pair of heavy sunglasses, to keep all the ‘covid germs’ out of her eyeballs, or something.

And a young arab man with a chainsaw….

The Arab with the chainsaw started attacking my neighbor’s overgrown mulberry tree – and that’s when I had a flash of inspiration.

Can he also chop up what’s left of the poisonous tree in the front garden? I asked the be-masked spectre stalking around outside.

Miraculously…. she agreed.


I came home to find the poisonous tree gone.

And in the end, it wasn’t me that got rid of it.

It was the crazy ba’al habeit who let the poisonous tree grow to humungous proportions in the first place, and the arab with the chainsaw.


There is a lot to learn from this.

Not least, God has a million ways of taking care of our problems, with minimal help from us.

And while we can’t complete the task, that doesn’t mean we are free to desist from it.

Sometimes, the things we think are ‘our worst nightmares’ are exactly what’s required to get the job done.




On the TomerDevorah blog HERE, one of the commentators put up this video clip of the kabbalist R Menashe Amon, saying that geula is ready, except that “some ‘true tzaddikim’ who have tremendous koach” have been praying to hold geula off a little while longer so that more people will merit to make it through.

You can see that clip in Hebrew below:


One of the commentators on Tomer Devorah was asking if R Menashe Amon is legit.

In my opinion, he’s legit.

He’s one of the few people who came out publically just around the time Rav Berland was arrested – literally a week before ‘Covid 19’ came to Israel in the harshest way possible, politically, with draconian laws and terrible lockdowns – to explain that Israel was only going through ‘Covid 19’ because the Jewish community had believed all the terrible slanders they were being told by the state-sponsored media.

You can read all about that on the RavBerland.com website HERE – and watch the video, from February 2020, with English subtitles:


You can also get more of the background between the connection between the persecution of the Rav and ‘Covid 19’ – and what happened at Meron, and a bunch of other things – in the new One in a Generation book that just came out, HERE.

What follows is a very free translation of some of his comments in this new clip.


R Menashe Amon is explaining how important it is to really care about our fellow Jews – including all the Jewish girls who are now living with Arabs in places like Gaza (!), Shechem and Rafiach, and apparently no-one cares.

Because today, he says, we’re all just running after the gashmius.


He’s also saying that if your son or daughter drops away from yiddishkeit – they stop keeping Shabbat, they stop wearing a kippah or tzitzit – he says:

Accept them how they are, and keep them in your home!

They are still your son, they are still your daughter!

Definitely don’t say things like: you are now dead in my eyes….

(This sounds extreme, perhaps, but a couple of years ago I knew a bunch of former chareidi kids from Bet Shemesh, who were basically kicked out of home as very young teens for not being ‘frum’ enough…. and of course the next stage of being made homeless like that was serious drug abuse issues and serious emotional trauma…. Sadly for us, there are a bunch of fake ‘rabbis’ out there telling their flocks that this is the way to deal with young teens who aren’t shomrei mitzvot.)


He says that we need to strengthen each other.

And that Jews don’t know the true strength of our soul, and the true power of our connection with HaKadosh Baruch Hu.

But who does know?

The non-Jews.

He’s saying that people need to go with humility and self-sacrifice – there will be no protectzia, going forward, no ‘free rides’ for people riding along on their yichus.



Decide for yourself if this sounds ‘legit’ to you or not.

But it seems things are moving.


6 replies
  1. Yosef from the Galil
    Yosef from the Galil says:

    I guess he hadn’t yet heard that they are no longer pushing things off, as we were told a couple weeks ago. If the Tzaddik hador doesn’t reach Uman, we are in for a very rough ride.

  2. jvsf
    jvsf says:

    volume 3 arrived today, recently.
    rambam z”l is correct on why the middle/left/right schism in semitic and hebrew tradition, sorry for misquoting him.
    b’ahavas yisroel,

  3. Talia
    Talia says:

    Thak you Rivka for sharing your profound story about the tree…I am still pondering its message. Much to think about. I agree w you as well Reb Amon is legitimate…

  4. Simon
    Simon says:

    Rav Berland has been saying what I don’t think he’s ever been saying before: that the Messiah will come 5784 (at least if he gets to Uman this year, God willing)
    But, God will do what is right in His eyes, Amen.

  5. yosef
    yosef says:

    this story, and the story from r. biton, as well as a story about a hamburger bun or something, seem to be from the school of chelm. GRA and his golem seem more related to shklow. curious about the ratio of spears to pruningsaws among Arabs now. there is an organisation of pikuach nefesh which has a message for some time now, about some kind of doppelganger to r. biton becoming toshav and tsedeq( sorry for my english ). yad ezra wshulamit? BeEzrat Hashem, strength of israel will work towards pidyon nefesh without tools of eisav. the voice of yaaqov, ki mitzion teitze torah, if ‘the nations should not hold israel back’ then it is better that tishbi says it. ana hashem, eliyahu zkhor ltov and geulah shleimah, b’itah achishenna….
    in wellness,
    with love of israel,


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