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The real superheroes

Yesterday, I went to a concert by Binny Landau in Jerusalem.

This clip is from seven years ago, but it gives you a flavor of how that guy can blow the roof of a venue – ‘kosher’ rock n’roll at its finest:


There were all sorts of people in the crowd, although it was predominantly ‘satlan-ish’.

Binny started the show by saying that we are currently under the rule of malchut Yavan – the Greeks.

But while we’re currently in the darkest of dark times, in so many ways, not to forget that Kislev, Chanukah, is when the real light starts to shine, and the real miracles start to happen.

And then he started jamming so loud I thought my eardrums were going to burst.


So I put my fingers in my ears, and started stomping away with a big smile on my face.

Because at that moment, I felt it so strongly in my neshama that THEY ARE NOT GOING TO WIN.

We’re not all guitar maestros like Binny Landau, but each and every one of us has our tremendous power, our tremendous light, and we can use it to literally light the whole world, and bring it back to Hashem – but only when we connect to that soul part of ourselves.

And stop believing all the MSM lies.

And stop living our lives in fear of the next plandemic, the next war, the next [fill in the blank for your fear porn of choice].

Ein Od Milvado!

There is only God behind all of this!


While we’re talking about superheroes who can change the world, I just wanted to bring THIS to your attention:


Yes, it’s Moshiach-ben-Esav, Donald Trump!

Apparently, he has so much free time on his hands, while he’s wrapping up his big plan to ‘save us from Fauci’ and all the other baddies, that he’s been able to work on putting out a limited edition of digital trading cards, depicting him as superman!

So, please everyone, just relax!

Clearly Moshiach-ben-Esav is on top of all the bad in the world, and the only thing we need to concern ourselves with is dancing, clapping and singing now, because with (fake cartoon…) abs like this on display, Fauci et al don’t stand a chance!


[Sarcasm: off]

You know who the real ‘superheroes’ are?

You and me.

Every time we work on our emuna, pick ourselves up from the floor, do a kindness for someone else, switch off the i-Phone, work on another bad middot, we are doing the super-human work of fixing the world.

Don’t ever forget that.


Shabbat shalom, sweet readers.

Chanuka is on the way, and very soon, this darkness breaks.

And then, it’s going to be a wild ride, hopefully from the side of good.



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