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The USA IS funding the protests – proof

So, a reader just sent me a link to this.


Skip ahead to minute 18, where he starts to talk about the ‘suggestion’ that the USA is funding the anti-judicial reform protests.

He talks about this organisation called:

The Movement for Quality Government in Israel.

This is their front page:


Here’s a snippet of what they are saying:

We have already petitioned the Supreme Court against the two laws that were passed in the meanwhile: the law intended to enable criminals to be appointed ministers and the law that changes the Police Ordinance andincreases its subordination to the political rank.

In addition we have started a broad public struggle: thousands of citizens have already joined our demonstrations across the country in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the North, the South, and more.


So, the Movement for Quality Government is saying themselves, on their home page, that all the riots going on against the Government are ‘their demonstrations’, and a result of them initiating their ‘broad public struggle’.

Got that?

Now, let’s see who funds the Movement for Quality Government, screenshot from HERE:


What’s the MEPI Foundation, highlighted above?

It’s this:


And here is the MEPI grant program being rolled out, via the US Embassy in Tel Aviv:


So, walk through this with me.

Who is a key player behind the anti-judicial reform protests in Israel?

The Movement for Quality Government in Israel.

Who is funding the Movement for Quality Government in Israel?

The MEPI Foundation (amongst others).

What is MEPI?

It’s a branch of the US State Department, funding NGOs and pushing it’s own agenda inside the Holy Land.

So, who is really funding all these riots?

The US State Department, or ‘Deep State’ Department, whichever you prefer.


Of course, that doesn’t make Netanyahu instantly ‘good’.

We are still dealing with evil vs evil, just it’s enlightening to understand who is actually paying for what, in this puppet show called ‘politics’.


Apparently, Jews who are getting their cars stoned by Arabs in Huwara – aka Route 60, the only way in and out of many of the yishuvim in the Shomron – are now being arrested and violently attacked by yassamnikim, when they call the police or army for help.

I am trying to get more first-hand details of what is really going on up there, but in the meantime, understand that whoever these ‘security forces’ are, they aren’t working for you and me.

The question is, at this stage, whether they are even working for the Israeli government at all, or whether they are just violent thugs put here by the US Deep State, and Europeans, to continue terrorising and harassing the Jews here regardless of who we vote into power.

I don’t know what the answer is, whether our government is actually just acting as the US Deep State’s ‘kapo’, or whether they are taking the initiative on their own.

But what is clear, is that we only have Hashem to rely on, and there is no way of ‘voting’ ourselves out of this mess.

May Hashem come and rescue us from all the evil very soon!


PS: I just looked up other funders of the ‘Movement for Quality Government’ in Israel who is funding the anti-reform protests.

The Meyerhoff Joseph Fund seems to be one and the same as The Jerusalem Foundation.

You’ll recall The Jerusalem Foundation was set up by the former traitor and spy for the British, during the British Mandate, Teddy Kollek.

There is nothing new under the sun.


Meanwhile, THIS is the official website of the David Berg Foundation.

Not much to see there, but if you go to their IRS 990 form for 2020, you learn a little bit more about who else they are funding, apart from all the usual universities and Jewish Museums and Yad Vashems,

These are the ones that took my eye:

  • The ADL
  • King Baudoun Foundation of the US
  • JTS
  • World Jewish Congress
  • American Jewish Joint
  • American Friends of ITIM
  • and
  • American Supporters of YEDID

Doesn’t that say it all?


I can’t find much for the ‘Bracha Foundation’ – always a sign that this is the place to really dig.

What I can find shows they have a huge amount of cash, and tight links with the government.

Screenshot from Globes, HERE:


Ah, so now I tracked it down, deliberately misspelt on the MQGI website (I wonder why….)

HERE is it’s home page.

It’s the usual ‘social engineering’ racket, trying to ‘infect’ the Holy Land with all the woke rubbish they are corrupting the whole world with.

One screenshot:


And here’s some of that sites other donors – all the usual names, many of whom connect back to Frankist-Freemasonry and Reform Judaism:


Getting the picture?



And this is also very interesting – explaining what is really going on with the Bagatz, and how it represents ‘foreign interests’ in the Holy Land.

A lot more food for thought.

(11 minutes, in Hebrew)



Of course, the ‘right’ isnt’ the answer to this problem, either, they are also totally corrupt.

We only have Hashem to rely on.

But it’s very positive, that the truth is finally starting to come out about what is really going on in Israel, however horrible it really is.


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