So, other people’s dreams are always really boring, I know, but bear with me because I had a ‘repeated’ dream yesterday, that I feel it’s good to share with you.

The Gemara tells us that all dreams are generally considered to be nonsense, but if you get a dream which is repeated, those ones you should take a little more seriously. So here goes:

Dream #1:

The first time round, I was walking somewhere with huge pubs, covered in shiny gold writing = clearly London.

I got to a massive football stadium, like Wembley Arena or something, and it was clear to me that it was up in the air on the world’s biggest rollercoaster, and that any minute now, it was going to loop-the-loop and completely flip over, like you do on rollercoasters.

My kids were with me, so I made sure we were seated and properly buckled in, because when you don’t secure yourself properly, you fall out of rollercoasters and smash to bits on the floor when they start moving.

But me and my kids were pretty much the only ones doing that! Everyone else was just sitting there, completely unaware that they were actually on a huge rollercoaster half a mile up in the sky, and not just having a picnic or something.

I couldn’t get why they didn’t know what was about to happen, and why they weren’t buckling in. Just then, JFK showed up and started shooting people (clearly, the ‘pure nonsense’ part of the dream) and I woke up. It was 2am.

Dream #2:

I fell back asleep – and the dream happened again, except this time my kids weren’t with me, and the stadium-cum-rollercoaster was packed even fuller of people. This time, most people had a vague idea they were on a rollercoaster that was about to flip them completely over, but they weren’t dealing with that idea in any sort of rational way.

Some people told me they were just going to ‘hold on to the grass’ where they were sitting, for protection. Others showed me how they were going to use all their strength to somehow ‘dig in’ to the earth, and that was going to be enough to keep them on board. And still others disappeared into the toilets for a smoke, just as the ‘fasten your seatbelts sign’ flashed up.

I woke up again, and I immediately thought of the story in the Gemara where two holy sages are sailing in a boat, when they stop on what they thought was an island. They make a fire and start cooking their supper, when suddenly the whole ‘island’ starts shuddering, and completely flips over, because really they were camping out on the stomach of a huge fish.

The sages testified that if their boat hadn’t been so close by, to scramble into, they would have both drowned.

It’s a parable, of course, and at least one of the commentaries I’ve seen on that particular Gemara equates the boat with Moshiach, and emunat tzadikim, or belief in our holy sages.

One thing’s for sure: when the thing flips over, you REALLY need to make sure you’re buckled in, and hanging on to something solid. And if my repeat dream is anything to go by, the rollercoaster ride that’s leading to geula really might be starting soon…

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