Remember three years ago, when Rav Berland said this:

“The more falsehood there is, the more that the truth will be revealed in a clearer way. The truth will be revealed in the end. As much as the sheker (falsehood, lies) will be spread in the world, more sheker, more falsehood to fool everyone, that’s the degree that the truth will be revealed in the end.

They didn’t tell all of the lies yet. It’s only the beginning…”



Well, he was right.

The lies are coming so thick and fast, that I can’t keep up with them anymore, and trying to do so is making my head spin.

Right now, here’s what I need to be focussing on:

Getting One in a Generation #3 written and out.

Because that’s what is really getting things to move towards a sweeter geula.

The week I started pulling it all together, Ghislaine Maxwell got arrested (after a year of nothing…) and Epstein and Barak are back in the news.

When the ‘truth’ gets told in that area, the whole pack of cards will fall, including all this stuff about fake pandemics, fake second waves, fake science, fake ‘proof’ for we all need to be vaccinated against our wills…. All of it will fall.

So, that’s what I need to be focusing my efforts on, right now.

That means the next few days will probably be slow posting on the blog, or brief posts, FYI.

In the meantime, here’s what another switched-on reader sent me:


Here’s a taster of what is says:

Dr. Meryl Nass has uncovered a hornet’s nest of government sponsored Hydroxychloroquine experiments that were designed to kill severely ill, Covid-19 hospitalized patients.

On June 14th Dr. Nass first identified two Covid-19 experiments in which massive, high toxic doses – four times higher than safe of hydroxychloroquine were being given to severely ill hospitalized patients in intensive care units.

  • Solidarity was being conducted by the World Health Organization, on 3500 Covid-19 patients at 400 hospitals, across 35 countries. The trial was suspended following the fraudulent Surgisphere report in The Lancet that claimed 35% higher death rates in patients receiving Hydroxychloroquine. But when The Lancet retracted the report, the WHO resumed the Solidarity trial. More than 100 countries expressed interest in participating in the trial.
  • Recovery experiment used very similar doses. It was sponsored by the Wellcome Trust (GlaxoSmithKline) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the UK government. The experiment was conducted at Oxford University, on 1,542 patients of these 396 patients (25.7%) who were in the high dose Hydroxychloroquine arm, died.

Update: After Dr. Nass’ discovery was publicly disseminated, the WHO suspended the trial on Wednesday June 17th.


There’s still a way to go, before enough of the lies are exposed to bring the house of cards down.

But each day, we’re making more progress, Baruch Hashem.


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