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Tuning forks and cold showers

So, this will probably be one of my stranger posts.

(There’s a lot of contenders for that title tho….)

Let’s just jump in, shall we?


First, go back and read this post from last year, which I’ve put back up:


And now, let me tell you a weird story that happened in Uman two years ago, and which I didn’t mention before because I didn’t want my readers to think I’m ‘delusional‘.

But hey, too  late for that now, so let’s plough right on!

So, it was the Rosh Hashanah of 5781, when the State of Israel decided no Jews should go to Uman ‘because of Covid’.

Zelensky’s Ukraine closed the gates three weeks before Uman, and my husband the lawyer read the small print on the announcement and saw the exact date the ‘no entry’ would begin. My whole family booked tickets to get there before the close off date.

And then the Ukrainian government lied and said the date had been moved forward 24 hours, while we were in transit to Ukraine from Portugal.

My husband had a seperate flight to Borispol airport, but me and my girls came in, all by ourselves, to Juliani airport – and basically got abused and mentally and emotionally tortured for hours by the Ukrainians, until some miracle happened and we were released 10 minutes before shabbat.

They put us on a bus in the middle of the airfield, with 10 Ukrainian soldiers, and then had a doberman circling the bus so we wouldn’t ‘try to escape’.

Amongst other things.


I got out of that by clapping solidly for an hour.

As per Rabbenu’s advice, on how to sweeten massive harsh judgements.

(I’m ‘delusional’, remember?)


So, we’re in Uman for three weeks, and it was VERY intense.

One day in my hitbodedut, I started thinking about tuning forks. And then, I started thinking about the vibration of music. And then, I got the urge to research it more, and I came across something like this article, which was written back in 2007.


In 1939 Joseph Geobels [sic]( propaganda Minister for nazi Germany)was the first to push for all music world wide to be played and listened to at A-440hz.
He failed.
But in 1953 the Elite had a meeting in london to finally IMPOSE the a-440hz Standard Concert Pitch. And Succeeded.
Prof Dussaut of the Paris conservatory had a poll of over 20,000 of the head classical musicians of france and they all voted unanimously for A-432hz but the Elite does not care what others think now do they?

Chortle chortle!

Crazy conspiracy theorists!


If you go to that link and scroll down, you’ll find a lot of interesting discussions about the difference between 432 hz and 440 hz, and how they may or may not affect human beings, physiologically, emotionally and spiritually.

We won’t get into that right now, but BH, I’d like to cover it in more detail, in a future post.

So, I’m reading how the Nazis tried to ‘change the pitch’ of music…. And how that actually happened in 1953.

And then, I had the crazy idea to go and find a tuning fork somewhere in Uman, so I could change the pitch back.

How was I going to do that?

By banging the tuning fork 18 times off the corner of Rabbenu’s grave, and letting the tzaddik do his his thing.

(Remember, I’m delusional…)


Even for me, this was a stretch.

But I figured I may as well give it a shot, as things were plenty strange enough already, that year in Uman.

I told my husband I had to find a tuning fork, I told our taxi driver, Sergei, and he drove us around looking for one.

There were two music shops in town. One of them told us that ‘some one like you’ (i.e. a Jew) had just come in and bought their last tuning fork. Which was weird all by itself.

(What?! There are two Jews in Uman trying to buy a tuning fork on the exact same day?!)

But the second one still had a tuning fork – and I bought it for the experiment.


Thank God, it was such a quiet year, that I could find a few minutes when no-one was in there.

I banged the tuning fork off the kever 18 times – then I scarpered.

And since then, I have been thinking that somehow, sound, vibration, frequency, it’s got to be the answer to all this.

Because nothing happens at Rabbenu stam.

And especially not that year, at that time.


So, I came home from Uman, and I got my first delivery of tuning forks from the Biofieldtuning store, HERE.

If you’re interested, you can go and read more about the hard science behind ‘sound affecting humans’ on that site HERE.

Here is a screenshot:


I am still working on trying to figure out more ‘specifics’, as it all relates to disabling the nanotech in the shots, but over the last 2 1/2 years, I’ve been using the forks on myself and my family – and in lots of ways, they get things to move.

Across all three levels of body, mind and soul.

BH, I will write more another time, but the Biofieldtuning site – and McCusick’s two books – are a great place to start learning more for yourself.

But the best way to learn is to do the experiment yourself.

So, to that end, here are some of the free offerings on the Biofieldtuning site, which you can experiment with yourself, and see what you think:

Against viruses (including so-called ‘long covid’:

To release pain:

Hearing issues and tinnitus:

Improving resiliency:

Overcoming overwhelm:


These are all free offerings.

Create an account, download them, and see what you think.
(I’m happy to have your feedback, pro and con, in the comments section…)
I will come back to this again, at some point soon, God willing.
In the meantime, as part of the ongoing process of trying to come up with ‘solutions’ for how to heal from all this GO nanotech and DNA origami clot-and-heartattack-inducing stuff in the shots, a reader also sent me something about:

The Wim Hof Method.

This isn’t shmirat eynayim friendly, but it sums up a lot about Wim Hof, and his cold exposure and breathing method of controlling the body’s autonomic nervous system:


First, the good news:
My correspondent, who suffers from a severe, debilitating illness (that she thinks was the first round of what got tried again, with ‘Covid 19’) initially saw some almost miraculous health results, very fast, when she started following the Wim Hof Method.
Like, oedema disappearing over night…. feeling returning to feet that had been 70% numb for a very long time…
Now, the bad news:

Five weeks on, they started experiencing heart arrthymias and chest pain…. and so did two other people who started doing the Wim Hof Method with them, around the same time.


At this point, I’d only been doing ‘Wim Hof’ for two weeks with my husband.

Again, you can go read up about it yourself, do your own research, be aware that he says don’t do it if you are epileptic, pregnant of have cardiac issues.

My experience of the breathing was that it helped me to identify the ‘inner voice’ that keeps telling me to give and stop, and that I ‘just can’t do it’.

Whatever ‘it’ is.

But otherwise, I didn’t like the breathing part very much at all.

But I TOTALLY LOVED the slow introduction to cold showers, and the whole idea that:


So, I ditched the breathing, but I’m carrying on ‘training’ with the cold showers, and I can now do a minute.

Cold showers are very good for improving the body’s circulation, and after the whole thing with my husband’s foot, I’d come to the conclusion that was something to try, anyway.

And it’s probably also helpful, for trying to get ‘clogged’ blood to start to circulate better again, through a ‘clogged’ body.


You can literally die from cold exposure if you try and jump into ice baths without any real practise or slow lead up to gradually getting accustomed to cold.


I was pondering why the whole ‘breathing’ thing bothers me, and what I got to is this:

The Eastern religions, and especially idolatrous ‘yoga’, have hijacked breathing, and teach their adepts that ‘breathing is in our control’.

In Hebrew, breathing – neshima – is very close to soul – neshama.

We are essentially a lump of clay, that had the life, the breath, the neshama blow into us, by Hashem.

Breath is God’s domain, not ours.

I have come to the conclusion that while it’s totally fine to ‘breathe deeply’ a few times, or in a focussed way, as soon as I start to tell myself ‘I’m in control of the breath’ – that’s where I’m going to hit problems.

God is in charge of the breath.

And the best way to benefit from breathing, is to ask God to ‘breathe me’ properly and appropriately, especially when I’m doing things like hitbodedut.

This is a work in progress, and my view might develop, but so far, this is where I’ve got to.


As always, these are just my personal musings, and some suggestions for things you may or may not find interesting to explore more yourself.

Human health works across all three levels of body, mind and soul.

There is no ‘one thing’ you can do that will heal everything, but the closest you get to a ‘magic bullet’ is doing hitbodedut for an hour a day, because then in your hitbodedut, God will tell you what else you need to do, or try or change.

Do your own research, think for yourself.

And also be aware that there are literally thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of people out there, like me, looking for solutions to how we can heal from all the damage being done by EMF, Covid 19 nanotech and CERN.

We will get to those answers together, with God’s help, at the right time in this process of teshuva and geula.

And whatever they are, they are probably going to be very surprising, so keep an open mind.



I decided to stick some of the more useful old posts back up, periodically, including this one:

16 replies
  1. d
    d says:

    Pitch 440 is “DEATH”=מת=440
    Pitch 432 is “WORLD”=תבל=432 meaning “Connection to the whole World” via music.

  2. JR
    JR says:

    McKusick is an occultist. She’s affiliated with the occultist/new age/counterculture Esalen Institute.
    It’s all עבודה זרה.

    Do your research. Keep away.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      blah blah blah…. Tell me, do you just cut and paste your old comments? This is all about BIRUR. I guarantee you Fauci and a bunch of your scientists and doctors are satan-worshipping luciferian freemasons.

      Are you going to stop using Western medicine?

      And of course everyone should continue to do their research…

      What did you think of the fantastic, factual research in ‘Died Suddenly’, btw?

      Remind me, what number shot are you up to now?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Yes, I saw this – it’s about how the plan is to use our brand, spanking new 5…G LED smart street lights as an ‘active denial’ type killing tech, right on your doorstep.

      This is where I got to last year already, and spent 3 months in a total state of panic and fear.

      I just danced for half an a day, and asked God to make all this tech self-destruct. I felt much better, and could continue on with my life, whatever happens next. But it took me 3 months to get there.

  3. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Hi Rivka. Very interesting post; I could tell you something about tuning forks, which I will do in a minute. But first, I am sorry to tell you: JR is right re Eileen Mc-Kusick; check this out:

    For your info, in my twenties, needing something new and different after the stress of medical training, and really deep down searching for G-d despite my frum upbringing, I decided to visit Esalen after seeing some ad, just to see what was going on there. Let me tell you, it is even worse than you can imagine, I actually had a flashback of that place this past Shabbat during hitbodedut, surprisingly ( you see, nothing happens in a vacuum, we are all connected!) You won’t believe what they are teaching there: absolutely shocking. I won’t go into details, but let me just tell you that if you or your husband stepped in there for just one minute, as gorgeous as the area is, you would run in horror. You don’t believe me? Then try it. So the fact that she is faculty there tells me only one thing: she can tolerate the degeneracy? What kind of person are we dealing with, EVEN IF what she says about tuning forks is right, even if she radiates positivity? The question is: from which side is she drawing her energy: the site of Kedushah, or the side of Tum’ah? And what does it mean regarding us, then?

    I am definitely not rejecting the idea of vibration, I am only concerned that the source of our information should be pure. How can we differentiate?

    Now re: tuning forks: just last night I had to babysit my son’s kids, and in order to avoid the modem and videos, I decided to start playing on their electrical piano – Torah songs, mind you, with my grandson singing along Mode Ani, Yigdal, Adon Olam, etc…. What I noticed is that I was getting completely confused, because in my trained – and innate perfect pitch – ear, I know what DO ( C in English) is supposed to sound. But DO sounded like RE (D), etc: everything was one whole tone off! Very disturbing; so all my harmonies were messed up: is that part of that switch from A432 ( LA in French, even the Russians use that French nomenclature for tne notes) to A440?

    And BTW in medicine we use a tuning fork too to evaluate the nervous system. Unfortunately I left my tuning fork in Israel… and that tuning fork was clearly an A. Which A though? I don’t know!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I didn’t know that, and I will check out Esalen more, Daisy, thanks.

      All this is very useful birur.

      But then I have to ask – does that mean we also have to avoid all Western-trained doctors, who are taught a system that denies that human beings have a soul, and that advocates abortions on demand, unnecessary surgical procedures just to make more money, and of course, the Covid shots?

      You also ran away from the Western medical profession, because of the spiritual degeneracy and immorality there, too. All the doctors and nurses who participated in the Covid deception, left patients to die alone (or actively neglected them, to speed that process up…), refused treatment to people who ‘weren’t vaccinated’ etc.

      So, how are we meant to fit all this together?


      I found more about the ‘vision’ of the founders of Esalen HERE:

      “Esalen recounts in fascinating detail how these two maverick thinkers sought to fuse the spiritual revelations of the East with the scientific revolutions of the West, or to combine the very best elements of Zen Buddhism, Western psychology, and Indian yoga into a decidedly utopian vision that rejected the dogmas of conventional religion. In their religion of no religion, the natural world was just as crucial as the spiritual one, science and faith not only commingled but became staunch allies, and the enlightenment of the body could lead to the full realization of our development as human beings.”


      McCusick’s books are written factually and scientifically – that’s why I liked her approach, at least up until now, because she’s actually putting facts out there and empirically verifiable information, not woo-woo stuff.

      Having said that, I’m grateful that you sent me this info, Daisy, as now I see there has to be a birur done between the information on the tuning forks and vibration itself, and McCusick’s specific healing approach using them.

      That doesn’t mean everything she’s teaching is all bad, but that a birur is required.

      This stuff is so tricky… Requires a lot of praying and asking God to show us the truth, and what He really wants.

      BUT – we have the same problem in Western Medicine, where God and the soul is totally missing out of the equation, and where many of the fundamental principles are actually rooted, firmly, in a satanic, anti-God, atheist-materialistic worldview.

      So, should we also totally ditch Western Medicine (as Rabbenu actually tells us to do, when he says you should stay away from doctors at all costs?)


      Just to muddy the waters even more, I found this on the Breslev website of Rav Arush:


      Personally, I’m not comfortable with anyone teaching ‘yoga’ anything in a frum setting… But clearly, they must have had a rabbinic approval from somewhere, for this, probably from Rav Elgrod, who I asked about ‘yoga’ being kosher years ago, and who believes it’s ok, halachically.

      (BTW, I disagree with that opinion.)

      So, there’s a lot of birur required here…

    • Hava
      Hava says:

      I just bought my first tuning fork yesterday from my local music store, a tiny A440. If you bought yours from a music store, most likely it’s A440 because it’s “concert pitch” here (and in most places, it seems to me). I play guitar, so it’s good for tuning it.

      My theory is that it might be A432 if you bought it from someplace that focused on health, but I have yet to check it out. If I can get an A432 and others like it, I aim to get a set and teach myself. I have an ear similar to yours.


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