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Turkey’s predicted ‘7.0’ earthquake for today… disappears

Dutchsinse called for another 7.0 earthquake to hit Turkey (or in the area….), by Ta’anit Esther – today.

Rav Berland, a few weeks ago, called for 100,000 Tikkun Haklalis to be completed (a second time…) by Taanit Esther, to avoid a massive earthquake hitting Israel on Ta’anit Esther, that would cause ‘buildings to fall’.

BH, here’s the message we got from the Rav yesterday:

The Rav said that there was a decree that the Jewish nation would be destroyed within 5 minutes. But it got canceled and now we will merit the light of Moshiach this Purim.


And here is the ‘message’ we got from Dutchsince, four hours ago:

Turkey was not struck (yet) , and was a miss for me in my forecasting, as I explain in detail in this video, where I got it wrong, what I think I missed, and all other relevant details.


Watch his update here:


Where did the earthquake go instead?

Apparently, to New Zealand.

(Which was kind of disappointing, I was holding out for Davos, or some other place with a lot of evil people doing evil things they think no-body knows about…)

But still, the point is, IT ALL GOT SWEETENED.


And, IT ALL GOT PREDICTED, again, not just by Dutchsinse, but by the Rav.

That’s what happens when we follow a real Tzaddik, we see stuff like this happening all the time.

In the blink of an eye, everything turns around for the best…. and our enemies are defeated, and ‘hoist on their own petard’.

BH, we’ll be seeing way more of that happening very soon.

In the meantime, Purim Sameach!

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  1. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    New Zealand is where many of the elites believe they will ride whatever doom their evil policies have brought on. They all have compounds there.

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Mazal Tov, Rivka! Good job, I’m proud of you.

    Glad we all shared in the Tikkun Klali’s. And continuation of a Happy Purim to all.

    And great comment, Shimshon. Now it all makes sense, doesn’t it? Elohim Gadol!

    Purim Sameach!!!!!!!

  3. moshe parry
    moshe parry says:

    the gemora sanhedrin describes what the idea is of how a navi can prove himself to have really received nevuah from Hashem… and that is to stand in front of the sanhedrin and predict three natural events… exact time and place… precisely and they all come true… THAT is actual nevuah!!!

    anyone can sit there and take a wild guess and say such and such is going to strike unless we do x y and z… and it doesn’t occur and u go “see I was right boy were we ever going to get really clobbered but I saved the day for us all by my tikun I made u do…” utterly preposterous and ludicrous…

    anyone can take a chance to say something will happen when chances are good it won’t occur anyway even if no one had said even one single solitary tikun klali… I can’t describe to u the cultist delusional mentality u all have on here… he is such a despicable conman and charlatan… I’m speechless that you all believe his obvious sheker… refuah shelaymah… truth.out…

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Dear readers:

      I am putting this hopefully very last comment up from Moshe Parry, so you can see what I’ve had to deal with via email the last few months.

      This is how it works: people spend months and months and months bashing me, and my Rav, and I take it patiently, and try to accept the ‘bizayon’.

      And then at some point, I turn things around, and start asking respectful questions like: ‘Was R Kahane REALLY right about everything?’

      And the same people who give me this kind of insulting correspondence day in and day out, for months, go bananas, and accuse me of ‘not respecting other people’s rabbis’….

      Hopefully, we can now all put this to bed once and for all, and understand that I welcome honest, respectful discussions and ‘differences of opinions’, but I have basically had enough of people with very bad middot coming here to have a go at me, just because they are actually very unhappy in their own world, for whatever reason that may be, and they think I’m an easy target to aim their frustration and anger at.

      Moshe – I forgive you again for yet more of your horrible insults. And I give you a bracha, that instead of claiming – repeatedly! – that I’m some how ‘twisting your words’ to make you look bad, you should see clearly how your own words, and your own sinat chinam, is doing that job marvellously without any help from me.

      Purim Sameach.

    • Simon
      Simon says:

      Speaking of three things, what of the many more than three things the Rabbi (and I’ve only known about him for a little time) has predicted accurately? But there is no Sanhedrin right now.
      Thinking that prayer will not save us (by God) from calamities and harsh decrees… I can’t describe to u the cultist delusional mentality u have on here.
      But it is pretty clear that your comments are out of hatred. If she’s such an idiot, why spend apparently months exposing her ‘cultishness’? I used to try to ‘stalk’ people on their blogs when I thought what they said was crap. Horrible idea.
      May God bless you.

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      Moshe – and all readers, Purim Sameach first of all -, I have to say that you are totally out of line with your attacks on Rav Berland.

      First of all, who is to say there is no nevuah nowadays without the Sanhedrin? Maybe there is, maybe even more than one Navi among the Lamed Vav Tzaddikim? And even so, you didn’t need the Rav to predict that earthquake: did you watch the video? Don’t you know that earthquakes are regularly predicted by scientists? Does that make then Neviim? Come on, wake up! Then in addition, the fact that the Rav recommended that people say David Hamelech’s Tehillim (arranged according to Rabbi Nachman’s understanding) 100,000 times with Kavanah in order to avert a major disaster, that makes him a charlatan? Then I guess according to you Mordechai was a charlatan too, right? And Hashem’s Yeshuah on Purim is a farce because there was no Sanhedrin?

      Seriously, you are totally out of line. I do respect you when you come up with important insights. But that is way beyond, what can I say? You expect people to respect your views: where is your respect of others? Nobody is asking you to become a Rav Berland follower: but to attack him like this? Sorry, it’s wrong. And you know very well that I never have major arguments with you online regarding your views. But here, sorry, you are not only insulting the Rav, you are also insulting every single one of his followers. So it’s not your taste, fine! But this? Then don’t be surprised if people attack you too: that’s your Ahavat Yisrael? Shame on you! You are relating to Rav Berland’s followers as though they are idol worshippers: seriously! What he is doing is turning his followers and many others also TO Hashem, not away from Hashem. Where is your brain?

      I expect a lot better from you.


  4. Efraim
    Efraim says:

    Purim sameach ! Baruch Hashem from all the salvations and miracles he does constantly for His people Israel. The rescue from and THROUGH the earthquakes that before some weeks and this one today, are great hidden miracles, Emet and connected the Lights of Purim with the Lights of the coming Geulah. . This great miracle of the earthquakes has two sides. : of course the rescue from destruction. But also the weakening of the hard attachment of the chitzonim (medina of zadon) upon the Malchut . All this and much more hidden in Tehilim 60 :1-7

    • Efraim
      Efraim says:

      Why I said EMET ???? Because yesterday I was behitorerut to study the perek samech , from the biourim of the chacham R Moshe David Valli alav hashalom . He wrote with ruach hakodesh about Sousan, hasraat haschina , and explains about earthquakes , and all this LELAMED.! …AFTER THAT , late at night, I read Rivka’s post and what rav Berland said …… Do you understand Moshe Perry hayiakar ??? ( Have in mind, I’m not hasid of the rav, and even I’m not a “Breslover”)

  5. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Sorry, wrong again! This is the one I had in mind. I don’t know what happened: anyway, they are both good, but this one is amazing, I am sure you will love it too:


    Sorry again. Too busy listening to good Purim music while writing….


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