Have you ever wondered where that phrase ‘under the weather’ – meaning, not feeling so good – comes from?

The last few days, I’ve been feeling ‘under the weather’ – lots of head pressure, headaches, exhaustion and snot.

And it seems there’s a lot of that stuff going around at the moment.

‘Under the weather.’

And the weather is continuing to be pretty strange in most parts of the world, at the moment. Record-breaking snow, record-breaking cold snaps, in Jerusalem it’s been raining for almost a month non-stop which is highly unusual for Israel.

Usually, you get a day, three days maximum, of very heavy rain, and then it goes all sunny again for two weeks.

But not this year. It’s raining on and off nearly all the time at the moment, which is great for the water situation, but not so great for my mood.

‘Under the weather’.

I had that a lot in the UK. The sun would totally disappear sometime in September, and only reappear again sometime in April, and in the meantime, I’d feel quite down and claustrophobically ‘stuck’ indoors and cut off from the world.

That’s happening again a little bit, what can I do. Grey rainy skies are good for the Kinneret, but not so useful for feeling full of energy and enthusiasm.

At least I figured out how the radiators work yesterday, which is an unheard of bonus.

Cold weather with working radiators is a completely different beast from cold weather with just that one, aging space heater that only works if you sit within two feet of it.

I guess what I’m trying to convey here is that at the moment, I’m feeling like I’ve run out of energy, a bit. I don’t have the headspace to respond to emails. I don’t have the energy to get on with my million and one writing projects. Even making supper is challenging.

I’m ‘under the weather’.

Some people will say it’s a virus, or bug, going around, and that’s probably part of it. But I tend to believe that we only come down with these things – that are around us 24/7 – when we’re feeling a bit weak anyway, or environmentally-stressed.

‘Under the weather’.

I think we’re due some more big earthquakes this week. We’ll see.

And in the meantime, my ability to think straight, and to communicate properly, and to reach out past my dalet amot seems to have disappeared, so please forgive me if I’m a little quiet at the moment, dear reader.

There is a lot going on under the surface.

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