Contrasting headlines showing a scare story about the chareidim taking over Israel, leading to massive budget cuts for chareidim 4 years later

The true story behind the persecution of Rabbi Eliezer Berland

Playing time: 4 mins
As part of my efforts to get more buzz around One in a Generation Volume III’ve put together a four minute video which explains the main points of who was behind the persecution of Rabbi Berland, and why the secular press and the State of Israel was so happy to go along with them.
We’re also working on launching a new website just for One in a Generation, so I will keep you posted on the progress. There’s a lot of interesting things going on behind the scenes, and the fall-out from the autistics‘ shocking (at least to me….) announcement will continue for quite some time to come, even though I know it doesn’t look like that at the moment.
There are big, big things happening, and the ‘war’ against truth is about to get ratcheted up a whole other notch. So buckle your seatbelts, keep talking to God about what’s really going on, and remember that speaking lashon hara and stirring machloket are key ‘Erev Rav’ traits that should be a big, red flag that people may not be as ‘pious’ and holy as they are trying to appear.
We live in interesting times. And that’s going to continue for a while.


A few people couldn’t see the Playbuzz version of this video, so I’ve redone it on Youtube, here:
I’m working on a few more, too. Let me know if something in particular is puzzling you, or that you want me to address. There are answers to all questions.

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    • Orna Nitzevet
      Orna Nitzevet says:

      I searched for a video from this LAG B OMER, i did not see Rabbi Berland to LIGHT THE FIRE there. And by that all the nonense again..
      I cannot believe they keep doing it.
      Same Ravs and same people.
      To speak about banning Rabbi Berland from MERON on this day is like forbiding to take a part on HILULA of RASHBI and see just things from chabbad there or any other things that have nothing to do with this day( we do go on LAG B OMER TO MI RON becuase of RASHBI, AND MOSHE RABEINU AND PERHAPS A LIVE RABBI!, WE people of YISRAEL=YAACOV, to experiance the CHAIM of out TORAH, ZOHAR!) not for other things…
      In Holland they say HET BREEK MY KLOMP.
      My mind cannot understand the absurdity and stupidity.
      The GEMATRIA of MOSHE RABEINU is 603. When you ad ALUUFFF, you have the gematria of this Rabbi.You know, ALEF….like in ADAM. Adam without ALEF is just DAM.
      We are in a time that we are or ADAM with ALUUFFF=HASHEM leading us full gas…or just DAM, that serve the other side until complete tshuva or complete destruction taken care of by SHEMESH TZEDAKA.
      No one can attain ALUUFF without being part of ERETZ YISRAEL…at least not in our times.
      There is something else happening. Goiym getting mercy on us, or goiym starting to hate us very badly. When ‘Jewish’ people want to force unnatural things on our children (there is a story from 200 hundreds years? ago about black HASSIDIM in the end of times, that mingle between us and take us step by step to the other side, for sameh mem creates them) or us in a way of chantage, i remember this way from a place where the Russian communists ocupied the territory.
      Same heartless way with twisted logica.
      These with MERCY, RAHAMIM, must be descendants of JEWS somehow, for no one outside of G’d HIMSELF posses MERCY=RAHAMIM, BEAUTY.
      I was so happy to see it and touched by. If you know some of the stories of BAAL SHEM TOV, there are many of us being stolen by goiym, but the NESHAMA is still in there..only JEWISH NESHAMA HAVE RAHAMIM, TRUE MERCY.
      We will see it more stronger now.
      In and outside of Israel.
      Not everyone with a Israel ID is a JEW and not every goy is a goy.
      And not every MALAT is meas les…
      The notion of a outbrake in MI RON made me laugh.
      It was SCHIN, YOU KNOW??
      Mashiah will bear SCHIN….and it could not help to keep us away from MI RON…
      He even got a MATEH in his hands, didn't he ;).
      Shabbat shalom le kulo AMO YISRAEL! With ONEG SHABBAT this time and easy preparations! May you taste the Chelek of GAN EDEN!
      Lag B Omer is the day when after collecting all the NETZITZOT in our daily life we bring it to MI RON where from there…all the brilliant light of HIS NITZOTZOT go back to ABBA.
      And off course the other side want to stop it! But HASHEM RULES THE WORLD and not any other. I think we as AM YISRAEL did tremendous JOB this year!
      Harvest of NITZOTZOT SUCSEED. May Hashem use it to REDEEM US NOW!.

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        Was there a measles outbreak in Meron? I didn’t hear anything about that at all. It was boiling hot, 40+ degrees, so could easily have been lots of people with a heat rash. And the fires are back, too….

        • Orna Nitzevet
          Orna Nitzevet says:


          they tried to let people believe the m. nonense to let us stop comming.
          Fires are SHEMESH TZEDAKA.
          Shavuah tov!


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