world of lies

I happened to start watching a video of Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, when I noticed something very interesting.

Ever since all those really badly faked videos of the Rav flooded the internet a few years back, I have learned to examine all videos of gadolim apparently saying things very, very carefully.

Especially in cases where gadolim are saying things that seem somewhat surprising.

And especially when there are vested interests, big money, and possible extortion and coercion hovering, like a vulture, in the background of the subject being discussed.


First, some background as to how I came to be watching that video.

Sadly for me, I happened to click on a link this morning of one of my least favorite Youtube fakers – a guy that I called out for being patently and obviously ‘fake’ a couple of years ago on my blog, but then decided to take the post down as all his flying monkey came out of the wings to start up a massive machloket.

The Rav says again and again – run from machloket! Don’t speak lashon hara, even if it’s true!

So at least sometimes, I’m trying to do what the Rav says.

That means I won’t mention his name, or link to his awful video, where he is saying you can’t question big rabbis’ psak din, you can’t decide for yourself what to do, and if ‘eight of the biggest rabbis’ say you HAVE to take to the ‘Covid 19’ vaccine, then you HAVE to take it – or you’re a murderer.



Sadly for me, I happened to play that small clip while my husband was nearby, so he also heard it – and started to panic.

I mean, this a Youtube faker, ahem, rabbi!!! Quoting big rabbis!!! Saying that they say clearly that you have to take the ‘vaccine’ and if you don’t, then you’re a murderer!!!!

Suffice to say, we got into a massive argument about it all.

But God does everything for the best, and after we both calmed down, I realised that I needed to write something taking a closer look at what might be going on here.

(And he realised that THE WIFE IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Or nearly always… Male readers, please take note.)


So, first things first, I started searching all over the place for that video of Rav Kanievsky the Youtube faker was referring to, telling people they are a murderer, if they don’t take the COVID ‘vaccine’.

Before we continue, I just want to remind you about the ‘deep fake’ technology that can make anyone look like they are saying anything, to anyone, on video.

Take a look at this, before we move on.

(Totally shmirat eynayim friendly until about the 1.30 min mark, when a woman pops up – enough to get the idea. And remember this is from 2018 – 3 years ago. The technology has for sure moved on leaps and bounds since then.)


The fake videos the reshaim created with the Rav were so badly put together, they don’t count as ‘deep fakes’, btw.

Even a brain-damaged amoeba could have recognised they were forged. If they were really interested in the truth.

So now, let’s take a look at the videos being put out – apparently – for Rav Kanievsky in particular.

Rav Kanievsky gives very short, concise answers, usually literally just one word.

A year ago, the reshaim tried to claim that Rav Kanievsky had publically spoken – at length – against the Rav, and that they had a ‘highly unusual’ recording of this. Not just one! Two!

How CON-VEN-IE-NT, that these recordings popped up exactly the same time the Police blitzed Shuvu Banim and violently dragged the Rav off to prison, at dawn, on the ‘charge’ of accepting charitable donations.

What a great way of preventing any ‘opposition’ from the Chareidi world to the police’s actions- to get the apparent endorsement, in such timely fashion, from one of the gedolei hador!

Are you noticing a pattern here?


Even back then, I posted up something warning people from believing all these fake videos, and fake recordings.

You can see that, here:


A year later, and now the internet – and particularly Yeshiva World News – is awash with videos where Rav Kanievsky is apparently giving very strong psakim about COVID-19 vaccines, off the back of a two second question from one of his grandchildren.

I have to ask you: Does this seem credible?

Before we continue, I want you to go and read this 7 page (but very easy to read) exploration of the halachic issues around coronavirus and COVID-19 that was recently written up by Rav Vosner, HERE. 

Because I know a lot of people won’t click the link, I will also post it up in full below this article.

Please, please go and read it – not because it’s not going to tell you what to think about getting a Covid 19 vaccination.

Instead, it’s going to show you how to think about whether that’s a good idea or not, and how to make up your own mind. 

This is how a genuine Torah discussion about difficult subjects that is actually based on an examination of pertinent information, and relevant halachot, actually looks like.


To say ‘no-one is allowed to disagree’ – respectfully – with a rabbinic opinion is total and utter BS.

Check through the Gemara – the whole thing is full of disagreements – even very strong disagreements – between our sages, on a variety of subjects.

If you have a rabbi, a sage who is taking an alternative stance, you are permitted to follow an alternative opinion, as long as that opinion is also firmly girded in Torah and halachot.

I have no idea why the Youtube faker is saying what he’s saying – why he’s suddenly so ‘behind’ this agenda, and so keen on ‘not arguing’ with ‘big rabbis’ when he built his reputation pretty much solely on the basis of ‘arguing with big rabbis’ – but what can we do.

It’s for God to deal with all these people, and for us to keep learning the lessons, and following the clues about not trying to take short cuts that take our own prayers and dealing direct with Hashem out of the picture.

Especially in life and death matters.


So now, let’s return to some videos of Rav Kanievsky, because I want to point out how so many of them seem a little strange.

Many of the videos seem to be ‘cut’ in the middle of the question being asked and the apparent answer being given.

In many videos, Rav Kanievsky seems highly uncomfortable about being used as a ‘prop‘.

In many videos, the questioners don’t leave the Rav alone until they get the answer they apparently came for.


And then, there is this one talking about Corona, that is really perplexing me:


Here’s what I noticed about this video:

The grandson’s lips are not in sync with what he ‘apparently’ telling Rav Kanievsky about Corona.

Check it out for yourselves, see what you think.

And I’ve noticed that same phenomenon around other videos specifically to do with Corona, too.

Interesting, hey?

Just a CO-IN-CID-EN-CE, I’m sure.


Point is, there are no shortcuts here, to obtaining your own clarity.

Anyone can be made to look like they are saying anything these days.

The truth is to be found internally – within the walls of your own heart, during hitbodedut, talking to God about what’s really going on, and begging Him to show you the truth.

And like I keep on saying and saying, that includes the stuff I’m writing here on this blog.

I do my best to put out truthful information, and to objectively research issues, but I’m still a fallible human being with my own biases that I’m trying to confirm.

Thank God, my husband balances me out – a lot!

And thank God, the honest commentators and readers here also do a very important job of refining the information here, and helping to sift it all through, because none of us really know what’s going on.

The darkness is so very dark.

But each point of clarity we manage to figure out together is building up into a strong beam, and hopefully soon, that light will shine out into every corner of the world.




ד דעת תורה מהגאון רבי יוסף בנימין הלוי וואזנר שליט”א ראש ישיבת חכמי לובלין נכד הגאון בעל ׳שבט


Regarding the topic of vaccination against Corona, the public is finding themselves in great doubt as to whether to take the shot or not.

 I don’t want to give orders and then it’ll be because I said so, but rather I want that you should understand it on your own and come to your own conclusion.

If my father א”שליט would be well, he would say his opinion. With the flu – he already revealed his opinion which was not to take the shot.


 I was asked to voice my opinion regarding the COVID vaccine.

It says in the Passuk – “אכלא לא שפתי הנה בקהל צדק בשרתי – “It’s forbidden to keep his mouth back from informing them what the people need to know.”

I was asked a few times to voice my opinion either in writing or orally.

Firstly, I would like to clarify that I am not coming to rule and to say you should accept my opinion.

I’m just pointing out the different points to the public – and the reality of the matter – in order that they should be able to decide on their own. Many Rebbes and Rabbanim gave out their P’Sak to the public in many different ways.

There are those who wrote to be M’Chayev every one to take the vaccine.

There are those that went publicly in front of cameras to take the vaccine – which is also a method to force the public to take the vaccine as well. I don’t want to mention the names of Rebbes & Rabbanim or docotors.

I can tell you that as soon as talk began on the subject – I understood that there would become a confusion about the matter among Am Yisroel. Therefore, for quite a few months already, I have been learning the Sugya of vaccines, and I have read many informative articles written by doctors in Eretz Yisroel & in Chutz L’Aretz.

Additionally, I have also personally spoken to some of these doctors.


One needs to know that there is a clear Halacha in Hilchos Ta’anis on the definition of what is considered an epidemic.

There are rules regarding how many people have to die in how many days. It cannot be that these deaths be attributed to other things. Only then can one justly claim that it is an epidemic. According to all the given facts and parameters that exist here – at least here in Eretz Yisroel – it contradicts what they say – which is that Corona is an epidemic.

And I’m saying it from the facts that I know.

One of the Rabbanim here in the city – publicized the Shita of מיימוניות ההגהות – on the subject of epidemics – the numbers aren’t calculated and established according to how many died, but rather on how many are sick.


 I would like to say that there is no end to the amount of people that received a test result claiming that they are positive and it was a complete lie.

There are those that have money and verified this theory by going to a different lab and having the result come out negative. There are also those that received a phone call claiming that their test result is positive – and they answered – “Excuse me, I never went for a Corona test.”

There are endless testimonies from many people about this.

Additionally, very big doctors told me that all of those that tested positive as being carriers of the Corona virus are not sick – they just carry the virus.

Every person has many germs and viruses inside of them – but it doesn’t harm everyone. Many more people are positive for flu – and it doesn’t harm everyone and not everyone gets sick from it.

Therefore – as long as a person doesn’t get sick from the virus – there is nothing in the fact that the numbers are rising every day.

Suddenly – the numbers are rising for the frum people. In the months of Tishrei & Chanuka – they raised the numbers a lot – and according to them – I don’t want to mention with my mouth what should have been R”L according to their words….and it wasn’t anything of the sort.

Now, again they are raising the numbers – it’s going up by the hundreds each day. Whoever wants to believe them should believe them – but it’s a shame that the media are posting all of these numbers on all of their notices.

The frum newspapers are also putting the people into big confusion.


One of the Rabbanim wrote and said that the reason one needs to take the vaccine is because of וודאי מדי מוצאי ספק אין – a doubt can’t override a certainty.

Since there is a definite – a pandemic and it is a ספק if there is a danger in the vaccine – therefore וודאי מדי מוצאי ספק אין .As stated earlier – there isn’t a definite of a pandemic – and there isn’t a definite amount of sick people – there are a few sick people.

In the Halacha is says that when one calculates how many people are harmed – for the issue of whether it is considered a pandemic – or pestilence – or הצבור חולי etc. – women, children, and old people aren’t taken into account since – אבתן ממל שבטלן – they are retired.

This has to be understood.

The old people that are ממלאכתן בטלן- don’t need to live?! Why aren’t they taken into account? Behold! We don’t give up on one single Yid!

But the reason is that there are rules in the Torah of what determines what is a pandemic, what is considered מגיפה חולי 8 an illness that is considered a מגיפה , whoever is old already and there are many more reasons why he became sick or C”V worse than that.

This is why they are not taken into account.

And therefore we don’t have a definite number – and it’s obvious that we don’t have the דין of ספק אין .מוצאי מדי וודאי .


Another Halacha – In כפור יום הלכות ערוך שולחן

It says that in a circumstance where there is a possibility of a danger – even if there are 2 doctors that hold and have an opinion against that of 100 doctors – the opinion of the 2 doctors must be accepted against the opinion of the 100.

Regarding the issue of the vaccine – I’m telling you that there are many more than 100 that do say to vaccinate – but the Halacha is that when there is a minority that oppose – we have to be חושש of that minority.

There were a few meetings and doctors that came forward to notify their opinion against the vaccine, and security was needed so that it shouldn’t be publicized that they voiced their opinion against the vaccine.

If the government would hear that they spoke against the vaccine – they would be called for a “hearing” and lose their positions. Doctors are afraid to say the truth.


In addition, one of the heads of the manufacturers of the vaccine – I don’t want to mention a name – but he himself said that there is a possibility of infertility, and a possibility of a change in the D.N.A. – it could very likely happen.

This was out in the open and advertised in the media in Chutz L’Aretz – millions heard about it.

There is another thing – all of the doctors that are explaining the dangers of the vaccine are just bringing the facts to the public – but they are not telling the public what to do.

They prove their words with studies that are written up and proof in regard to what the manufacturers did in the past with the Polio & Tetanus vaccines in Africa – and the terrible consequences that resulted from it.

All those that do say to take the vaccine – no one is bringing any proof in writing.

They just say that you don’t have to be scared – that the dangers are too far-fetched, and all of the tests were made already. No proof in writing. On the contrary – let them prove it and then we’ll see.


One of the Rabbonim – unbelievable what he wrote in a letter to the public – in ערוך שולחן in the Halachos of וגוסס חולה – he wrote on what the author Paskened – which is that the doctor has to receive permission from the Beis Din – and on this he wrote that בזמינינו שבאידנא – in our times – the doctor needs to get permission from the government.

Therefore, because the doctors have permission from the government – the decisions from the doctors is considered as the decision of the Beis Din.

The manufacturer of this vaccine was sued in the world by hundreds of thousands of people for crimes against mankind from different vaccines that he distributed in different countries where people were harmed terribly from their effects.

Who amongst us puts their trust in the government?

One of the Rabbonim said to me, “Harav Wosner – I have faith in the Ministry of Health.” I answered him “I hear. You have faith in the Ministry of Health – but I know where you davened on Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur – and what that minyan looked like.

Where was your faith in the Ministry of Health?!”

How can there be faith in a government that acts this way?!


I want to ask another question.

The Prime Minister signed a contract with the manufacturers of the vaccine a few weeks before they got an approval that the vaccine can be used for all – and on top of that paid a few million Shekel for it.

Behold, this person has a letter of approbation against him on money extorted illegally – and he goes and publicizes it to all the Yidden – and orders vaccines that have no approval – and one of the deliveries arrived even before approval – and there is no explanation for it.

He seems to just know that the vaccine will get an approval.

If you think that the approval depends on different studies and testing – how can you possibly know beforehand that the tests came out positive and were approved? Prophecy was given to the fools – but not to the Reshaim.

How did the Prime Minister know that the vaccine will be getting an approval?!

It’s a question that I asked and no-one gave me a plausable answer for it. The government goes ahead and gives a permit to the Ministry of Health – and they determine Halacha to Pasken like a Beis Din?!

I’m surprised! I’m just asking/questioning on the Rav in Am Yisroel that publicized such a P’Sak to the people.


At the United Nations Headquarters there was a meeting a bit ago.

There is a paragraph in the summary of points from that meeting called “Agenda 2021 – with many signatures of Prime Ministers & Presidents.

I think that the Prime Minister of the Medinah also signed on it.

What it says in this paragraph is that there are roughly 7.8 billion people in the world and it’s too difficult and too much for the world.

There are a few studies on it – and they want to achieve that in the end there will only remain about 2 billion people. Diluting the population became an agenda. And these are things that they wrote about and signed on them.

Let’s think for a minute – how are they going to dilute the world?

How will they do it? Shoot the people like in China? Slaughter people and put them in refrigerators? How will they achieve this plan of dilution? Think about it.


Another thing that one of the Rabbonim told me in the name of a couple of Gedolim that in E”Y it was always known that we rely on the doctors.

We know how much our grandfather – ZT”L didn’t rely on the doctors. How many times the well-known Medical Askanim came to the Rebbe, to the house and the Rebbe argued with them.

Until today – I meet with the doctors – on certain areas – and they say to me – “Your grandfather was against and we respect it until today.”

I am still the small one – but according to my experience of when I served the Rebbe – I saw myself how many abortions there would be if we always just listened to the doctors, and many women would take birth control – Hashem Yeracheim.

If we would all be careful to listen to the doctors – Hashem Yeracheim what would happen.


I remember when the vaccine against Hepatitis-B came out – there are probably many who remember and when they came to ask the Rebbe whether or not to take it – the Rebbe said not to.

I remember that someone came to ask the Rebbe – and the Rebbe said to him ” Where are you running to?!

Do you have to be from the first ones?!

Let’s talk in another year.”

I remember that after that first year the excitement went down.


A few Rabbonim once signed that one must take the flu vaccine.

I remember there was a renowned doctor whom all the Gedolei Yisroel respected – and many in the Tzibbur used him a lot – I asked him and he said that to take the vaccine for the whooping cough isn’t so bad because there is no live germ in it, whereas the vaccine for the flu, since it has a live virus in it – it shouldn’t be taken under any circumstances.

There were Rabbonim in Bnei Brak & Yerushalayim that signed that one should take the vaccine, and there was a lot of pressure on my father ZT”L to sign, to obligate to take the vaccine.

At the time – he was so weak – he wasn’t able to be moved from his stand, yet my father didn’t want to sign on it – to obligate one to vaccinate. He was strong about it in his very weak state.


It’s very clear that whoever has a heart problem won’t seek the advice of an eye doctor – even if he has a permit from the government to be a competent eye doctor. He can’t diagnose or give information at all. He cannot be included to compose a majority.

A doctor that hasn’t studied and investigated many, many years on the subject of viruses – and not just that – a doctor that didn’t study and research many years of the components of vaccines and their effects can’t express his opinion on the topic of the vaccine.

It’s like an eye doctor or reflexologist that express his opinion on whether to do open heart surgery or not. The entire concept of asking a doctor is madness.

All vaccines go through a minimum of between 5 – 10 years of testing and experiments. This test barely passed 6 months of testing because it’s as if it’s an emergency – and therefore the process of the experimental tests and all that’s included were done using short-cuts.

But פרכא דדינא מעיקרא established that it’s “emergency time” now and you have to take a vaccine.

It’s like one who burns down the house of his friend and then when he shouts for help – the friend comes and says “I’ll help you – don’t light the fire & don’t extinguish it!”


Another one of the Rabbonim wrote an unbelievable thing.

There is a Gemara in which the Halacha says that it’s forbidden to go get healed by a Goyishe doctor because he’s suspected of murdering.

There is a סברא that אפשייהו מרעי דילא – he’s not going to want to ruin his position. But – here – everyone knows and I didn’t yet find anyone to prove it otherwise – the doctors and all of the vaccine manufacturers are protected that no-one can sue them.

If this is the case – we don’t have here אפשייהו מרעי דילא – because they know that nothing is going to happen to them.


They claim that millions of people died from Corona.

We know that the Chasam Sofer wrote in his Chiddushim on Shabbos and in the Teshuvos of Yoreh Deah that doctors who decide on illnesses or medications according to their Goyishe education have no נאמנות – no trustworthiness – and cannot be relied upon.

Yidden that learn by these doctors cannot be relied upon either.

One cannot bring proof from the nations of the world in this regard.

Aside from all of this – there are studies conducted in all of the countries of the world that people listed as died of Corona – didn’t die at all from Corona.

There is no end to the amount of people who died from thirst and hunger.

I, myself have 2 relatives that died this way. R’ Moshe Yuda – one day before he was Niftar said to his daughter, “They’re not giving me to eat or drink.” The family smuggled in bits of food in different bags – so that he should have what to eat.

In London as well, I have relatives that died from thirst and hunger.


Additionally, there’s no end to the amount of people that died from fright.

They didn’t allow anyone to be next to them and calm them – to tell them a good word and a word or reassurance.

In ו”של סעיף חיים אורח ערוך שולחן there is a Halacha which says that one must calm down and speak to the sick people.

Even those that already had Corona and were immune to it weren’t permitted to go into the hospital to help the sick ones. There are many documents and testimonies from big lawyers about this – and it’s not possible to make a count case against them because in America – in the first few weeks of Corona a law was passed stating that it’s not possible to sue doctors and nurses for crimes done against those sick with Corona.

Is it possible to comprehend where we are holding?!


Go ahead and ask the Chevra Kadisha if there are more people who died this year then passed years – and you will hear precisely what the situation is.

One of the Rabbonim has said – “Permission was given for a doctor to heal – לרפאות לרופא רשות נתנה .

When a sick person doesn’t want to take medication because he is afraid – he has permission not to take it.

There are many sick people R”L who are afraid of taking medications that destroy their body and don’t want to take them. The Rebb Paskened that it is forbidden to force them.

And now here they are forcing people to take a vaccine when people are afraid of the side-effects.

Is this about what it says – רשות נתנה לרפאות לרופא !?And even more interesting – when there is a “sick person” – permission was given for a doctor to heal – but here you’re taking healthy people and pushing it on them.

There is a lot more than what I’ve said in front of you – written on my tables and on my heart – and I have much more to say. Hashem should save us from stumbling and from any harm.


*Editors edition: In a letter written by the Rav of Bikur Cholim Hospital in Jerusalem – he writes that recently it has become clear that many children who took the whooping cough vaccine were seriously harmed from it.


This is what a real Torah discussion looks like.

Not a two second question and a one word answer.

Not a Youtube faker yelling at you that you ‘can’t question the rabbis!!!!’ – that’s simply not the halacha.

And not people trying to guilt and manipulate you into taking a vaccine to ‘save the NHS’, or ‘save Granny’, or to be able to ‘get back to normal again’.

It’s all lies.

May Hashem help us all to be able to clarify the truth from the lies, and to do what He wants us to do.


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24 replies
  1. Ana
    Ana says:

    There is so much going on and so much packed into this post…

    First of all, regarding the vaccine and being called murderers, etc etc etc., it’s so clear that there is something “off” with all of the pressure, including from publicized rabbis. The WHO, CDC, Pfizer, etc., at this point all seem to agree that so far there is NO evidence that the vaccine prevents transmission of Covid-19… so by not taking the vaccine, who is being murdered?

    There is, at the very least, a disagreement about whether to take the vaccine, among other things (between different rabbis). What is being made very public are the voices in favor of taking it, probably for obvious reasons of media control and probably also a certain intimidation factor. Not only that, but without actually speaking with the rabbis, how do we know where they are getting their information and what they’re basing their decisions on?

    There are so many questions, in addition to this really timely and detailed analysis you offered. If there are documented cases, even if very rare, of people being reinfected, especially with “mutant variant strains”, how could anyone even think of getting close to Rav Chaim, even though officially he already recovered from Coronavirus? Even a suffek of a suffek, who could in good conscience not be more careful, especially people who are suggesting vaccinating for a disease that has a 99.98% survival rate? If you look at many videos from recent months, you’ll see many different unmasked individuals… unless they “know” something that everyone else doesn’t.

    Who exactly is R’ Yanki Kanievsky (obviously he’s a grandson) that he’s in charge of Rav Chaim and his affairs? This is as embarrassing as it is weird / suspicious:

    January 7: “PM speaks with grandson of Rabbi Kanievsky, who says his grandfather instructed the schools to shut down for several days.” (

    January 25: “Netanyahu Says He Spoke To Yanky Kanievsky To Get Message To The Gadol HaDor” (

    I don’t personally know about Rav Amnon Yitzchak except for his “reputation” as it’s presented in the media, etc. Again, I really don’t know personally one way or the other, but even someone who isn’t a fan of his would be hard pressed to argue with his analysis of one of these videos of Rav Chaim answering a question (I’m sure people would argue in any case):

    Another example of a gadol issuing a psak is the case of Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein. He came out with an interesting sounding psak… since we don’t have a “Beis Din for Refuah” we must rely on medical experts… and how do we know which medical experts? The ones trusted by the government! I really hope I misunderstood something here (

    In any case, a different article brings praise from the NYT and BBC (so it must be good and true!) and boasts that the NYT quotes R’ Zilberstein… in the article, it mentions derech agav that the “medical expert” the rav consulted is Professor Balicer. Apparently this is THE medical expert who R’ Zilberstein is basing his psak on… you can look up Professor Balicer yourself, who is the Director of Health Policy Planning for Clalit and and serves as Founding Director of the Clalit Research Institute… and also just so happens to be the WHO Collaborating Center on NCDs Research Prevention and Control. (

    There is so much more and so much more… it’s really hard grappling with the issue of arguing with these gedolim and talmidei chachamim – and it would be so much easier to listen to the rabbi who you mentioned that IF THE GADOL SAID IT, WE HAVE TO LISTEN TO HIM NO MATTER WHAT. Maybe, maybe this is true and there is a special shmira for people that b’temimus follow the gedolim in this way… but there is SO MUCH that seems so out of whack and doesn’t make sense and THERE ARE OTHER RABBONIM WHO DISAGREE…

    Hashem yirachem! Something that might be helpful is to remember that all of this bilbul and craziness is Hashem bringing about the geula… may it come soon!

    • Daisy Stern
      Daisy Stern says:

      Here, Rivka and readers: you want to hear what happened from Ran Balicer’s mouth himself?

      Exactly as you and Rav Amnon Yitzhak described: that’s the tactic!

      ” ““We took the time to explain the scientific evidence,” he said. “I personally went to key sessions with the haredi [ultra-Orthodox] community and held long ‘discussions’ with their leadership until we had a rabbinical ruling that vaccines are safe and should be sought.”

      BTW your post about the contract was superb. I sent it out to some people who have lots of contacts. One person in particular has a large readership and he sent it to his list. Great job! Will also post it on my blog when I get the time.

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        Thanks for this, Daisy.

        I’m pulling out an excerpt about Ran Balicer that you posted up, for people who won’t click through:

        “Ran D. Balicer, a public health physician, manager and researcher, serves as Director of Health Policy Planning for Clalit – Israel’s largest health care organization, and is Founding Director of the Clalit Research Institute – the WHO Collaborating Centre on Noncommunicable Disease Research, Prevention and Control

        “Professor Balicer’s research is focused on the study of extensive clinical databases in care provision and policy-making, as well as in applying and assessing innovative models of care aimed at increasing the effectiveness of noncommunicable disease care.

        “Professor Balicer serves in advisory groups for the WHO Regional Office for Europe in projects focusing on noncommunicable disease prevention and control, as well as coordinated/integrated health care systems. He is the Chair of the Israeli Society for Quality in Healthcare, and a board/council member for the International Federation on Medical Informatics and the International Foundation for Integrated Care.”

        And so, we circle back around to Israel’s ’tissue bank’ database – which was being actioned already back in 2007, by the Milken Institute, Shimon Peres, and other people we recognise from today’s circus, including Gabi Barbash.

        And of course, the Rothschild-funded ‘Israel Precision Medicine Partnership’:

  2. Darin Sunley
    Darin Sunley says:

    At a school I taught at, we had a severely disabled student. At 12-13 years old, she could not speak, or focus her attention. She was stuck in a wheelchair, and had approximately zero fine motor control. She was completely incapable of writing or speaking. And yet, when her parents at home were scribing for her by translating her grunts, yells, and gestures, she suddenly became one of the brightest, most articulate students in her class. The entire tragic situation was, needless to say, somewhat questionable.

    I have to say, coming from outside Haredi culture, Rabbi Chanievsky’s grandson’s pattern of asking a two hundred word question, getting a 1-5 word answer, and expanding that out into an extended, elaborate response, it bears an unfortunate resemblance, lehavdil and chas v’shalom, to the situation with this girl. People from outside the community, it feels safe to say, don’t understand it.

  3. Hava
    Hava says:

    Rivka, you’re not the only one who wonders at what your “youtube faker rabbi” said. I saw a commenter harass another blogger over her stance on the vaccines, which is like yours — based on what this rabbi said. And then I watched the video he linked to. Ouch!

    You don’t have to post this comment if you feel it’s lashon hara or its dust. I just wanted to let you know that people are harassing others over it.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Thanks for this.

      That harassment of others who disagree with OTT, extreme language is part of the ‘flying monkey’ phenomenon.

      I’ve noticed this ‘rabbi’ has a lot of those types of followers. It’s another red flag that something is not ‘right’, because whenever the flying monkeys show up, you can be sure there’s a wicked witch not far behind.

      We gravitate towards the individuals, the ‘rabbis’ that reflect our inner world. And sometimes, that’s not such a pretty place.

      This from Wiki:

      “The flying monkey does the narcissist’s bidding to inflict additional torment on the target. It may consist of spying, spreading gossip, threatening, painting the narcissist as the victim (victim playing) and the target as the perpetrator (victim blaming). Despite this, the narcissist does not hesitate to make flying monkeys his or her scapegoats when and if needed.

      The flying monkeys may make it seem like the narcissist is not really involved, and they likely have no idea that they are being used. Multiple flying monkeys act as a mobbing force against a victim.”

  4. Aron
    Aron says:

    I truly appreciated and was greatly inspired by reading the rabbi’s article, 100% perfect example of what a Jew’s thoughts are supposed to sound like in contradistinction to all the fakers and weak minded people pretending to be rabbis.

    Also it’s a good example how the real rabbis tend to be far away from the limelight.. this rabbi I’ve never heard of but he’s running a yeshiva which is probably one of the best in the world.

    Also it shows how these arguments about trusting the government, media, doctors etc., (the “expertise class” of Napoleon’s secularized “Western World(TM)” ) has been going on for a while among big rabbis. For some reason a lot of religious Jews think all this is somehow more consistent with Torah values than other goyishkeit. Like if they pretend to let you vote and give you pills and credit cards that magically makes it Torah. The Friedeker Rebbe famously declared “America is not different!”

    All this is coming to a head in Israel. I truly believe that this entire global situation is happening dafka because of Israel (not even Jews bklal really it’s dafka having to with the spiritual contamination the Zionist project made on the Jewish people). It’s useful to think of Zionists as a group of Jews who could have became chassids of this rebbe or that rebbe but instead they became chassids of Napoleon and Rotschild. They are truly chassids of the modern West in the way that only Jews can be chassids of something. Their religious devotion and fanaticism we can truly learn from.

    You have to understand that the crowning glory of these people was to get control of Eretz Yisroel. They didn’t know if it was really going to work. They had zero guarantees of success going into their many wars and they came out more matzliach than anyone could hope for. They had a good run for a few years and now they know they’re slipping and they’re going to be gone in another generation so they’re not going down quietly. I don’t know what actual people are doing b’poal al pi teva but that’s the spiritual force really driving all of this. Zionism is crack for Jews. It plays upon every particularly Jewish yetzer hara, for every person, at every level.

    Mass trends are part of G-d’s plan. Everyone became very complicated and worldly and ignorant of their past.. there was a reason for that. But the wheel has already been turning for a while now. By the time the Zionists conquered Eretz Yisroel, that was already the beginning of the end. The State of Israel is the high water mark for the modernist project. The false messiah came unto the gates of Jerusalem and reigned there supreme for a short while, as long as the bright lights and loud noises kept everyone distracted. Now you have a few garden variety narcissists left with an army and a police force and a big expense account and their only option is to take out their misery on everyone until they can’t anymore.

    What are they going to do, put everyone in jail? It’s ridiculous. The medinah is a sandbox. There’s only so much you can do.

    Modern life gives people too many options.. regular Jews who in the old days would have been slightly extra clever shoemakers or wagon drivers are today running around in the media world or the government or they have fancy degrees etc. or are otherwise just very messed up in the head because this version of the world gives them options and stuff but no real rules or power. It just magnifies and plays up their fears and expectations as they wander around within a completely artifical, built and kept/owned environment surrounded by an endless choreographed Greek performance coming out of the screens.

    So don’t be surprised at all the subhuman behavior going on, this is just a group of people who are refusing to adjust to reality because they’ve literally never had to.

    I’m really beginning to think that outside our own Jewish spiritual upheaval, the relevance for all this to the rest of the world isn’t going to amount to much more than a coordinated shakedown for the price of all these “vaccines” and the collapse of so many small businesses.

    About the media: yes the “deep fake” inyan is no joke.. I keep telling people that anything you see on a screen can be VERY EASILY made up and it doesn’t matter how real it looks.. this is a multibillion dollar industry, people get paid more than most will ever earn to pull off these kind of tricks. Everyone falls for it.. you can’t help it, no one’s mind is equipped to see through this level of illusion. The media we have today is a very advanced level of black magic. It’s very dangerous and it’s extremely important never to look at any kind of newspaper or TV program etc not even for a second it’s extremely dangerous and poisonous. I’d argue it’s even worse, in terms of long term deep spiritual damage, than any sort of media or image that you know is for fun, pretend or amusement (even when it’s damaging to the eyes chas v’shalom).

    The real black magic is when someone is telling you a story about what is supposedly “reality”. As dangerous as it is to get lost in obvious fantasy, there is truly nothing more evil than a fantasy that’s being presented to you as if it’s absolutely real. Therefore “news”, “current events” and “politics” etc. (along with most of what passes for “science” and “medical opinion”, their avodah zarah courtrooms and worst of all “psychology”): this is all worse for a Jew even than sports or movies etc. Most of the religious people have it all backwards unfortunately.

    And nowhere is this specific contamination so intense as it is in Israel. For Jews it’s simple.. we don’t have to choose between East and West. Either you are praying towards the Har haBayis or you’re praying towards something else chas vshalom..

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      There is the most kedusha here, so of course the test is ‘equalised’ by having such intense evil.

      But it’s by no means only here that the test is happening.

      And those early pioneers of settlement in Eretz Yisrael really were ‘chassidim’ – they were chassidim of Jacob Frank and Shabtai Tzvi, and they continue to be chassidim of the people who took over, after these two passed away.

      And the ‘rebbes of evil’ weren’t Rothschild and Napoleon – they were also functionaries, albeit very high up in the command structure.

      • Aron
        Aron says:

        Correct, and my guess is that the focus on the tumah in Eretz Yisroel isn’t so much in the obvious suspects like the government, Tel Aviv etc. I would guess the real tumah there is more to do with the church, human trafficking, war/death cults in secret IDF units, and whoever owns the largest banks and industrial concerns.

        My impression is that everyone you have to deal with in the government and media are just the stupid wannabes who are forced to wear the clown suit on TV etc and order around all the knuckle draggers wearing cheap uniforms. So naturally they will rise and fall with the temporary usefulness of this whole drama to the real controllers above them.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:


      I don’t know what to say.

      I don’t want to believe it, honestly.

      BH, there’s something ‘deeper’ going on here that is somehow being sweetened… I don’t know what to say.

      • Ana
        Ana says:

        Did you see the video in that last link? It’s a video of people talking to R’ Chaim Kanievsky about pregnant women getting the vaccine…

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          I saw it. I have no idea why Rav Kanievsky is (apparently) telling people what he’s telling them.

          The advice to think for ourselves, and beg Hashem to show us the truth, still holds – maybe more than ever.

          • Rachel in NY
            Rachel in NY says:

            I found this post after I asked my question on your more recent post, The Kill Shot. This is exactly my frustration. We need clarity and our religious leaders are going by the doctors controlled by the government? What? Hashem yishmor.

          • Ana
            Ana says:

            A follow up rhetorical question is, why would Bonei Olam be promoting this? Isn’t that a Haredi organization for helping people who have had trouble conceiving? Why have a special promotional video of R’ Chaim telling pregnant women to get vaccinated? I think it’s similar to why R’ Melech Firer was brought “on board” – these are Haredi organizations who are widely trusted by the Haredi tzibur and have medical “credentials”…
            Look at this research article from 2013… this is all exactly as planned:

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            Interesting! Here’s the title of the paper being linked to:

            The role of religious leaders in promoting acceptance of vaccination within a minority group: a qualitative study

          • Rachel in NY
            Rachel in NY says:

            You’re right, people need to think for themselves. But what I have found, among my loved ones and acquaintances, is that people are scared and overwhelmed, even those people who generally score high on the emunah card. And so rather than making their own decision, they ask their rav, who asks his rav, and so we rely on the higher-up rabbonim for sound advice. We are being betrayed by the system! My rabbanit says that we won’t be penalized for following our rav, even if his advice is not medically sound (I am paraphrasing). These people are only doing what they’ve been taught, following the Rav, like we cling to the Tzaddik. They give up their free choice and yet they are being misguided. Does that mean that Hashem WANTS them to take the vaccine as some sort of horrendous tikkun? I’m struggling so much with this.

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            We follow the rabbonim that reflect back at us what we want to hear.

            There are no shortcuts…. geula is approaching and no-one else can ‘have the emuna’ for us.

  5. Inna
    Inna says:

    A thought came to my mind. Is it possible that this is midda keneged midda ? Rav Brland is in prison for giving “bad” medical advice? Here all of them are doing the same.
    Another thought is this: after shoa , it is against common sense to rely on rabbinical figures for life/death advice. Most of them told the Jews to stay put and that nothing will happen to them. If the Jews could save themselves or not – this is another question, but the advice was wrong.
    Please correct me where you think my line of thinking is incorrect.
    I really appreciate honest feedback.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It could well be in effect, nothing to correct!

      Just to be clear, Rav Berland actually didn’t give bad medical advice – his advice was stabilising Shoshie’s very fragiel health. It’s only when her mother pressured her to have chemo that things started to slide down hill.

      There are a lot of things being brought out into the open right now.

      EG, a lot of the rabbis who told their flocks to stay put in the holocaust somehow managed to escape themselves, without going through the death camps…. For me, at this point, that raises a lot of red flags, and requires some more clarification.

      Sooner or later, I’m sure that will happen.

      • Inna
        Inna says:

        Rivka, same for me. I read obsessively everything i could about holocaust since I was like 10 years old. Red flags all over. At this point I believe I have to question everything. Books memoirs diaries museum archives everything could potentially be false
        And I did put in quotes bad advice. I do not for a second intend to say it was bad. No only because it was said by Rav but also because personally according to my reaearch chemotherapy is extremely questionable approach and could be another issue that does harm instead of healing.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Ah Inna.

          What a horrible can of worms that whole topic is…. BH Moshiach will come before we actually have to figure that bit of Jewish history out.

  6. Inna
    Inna says:

    Yet another thought: is it possible that
    HaShem is repaying adults with vax injuries and side effects because adults have been maiming and ignoring children’s injuries and suffering for so very long? Nobody believed parents when they claimed that it was the vax that cause so many disorders in children. Nobody believed the children when they screamed and banged their heads out of brain inflammation, gut disorders etc etc etc. now it is adults turn. People have to wake up and I think there is no more efficient way to wake them but by demonstrating it live. Is this cruel? I do not think so. I saw too many injured babies. I work with them.
    As Hashem is closing all books and accounts , this one has to done as well. Of course I do not claim to know His rationale , i am just speculating.


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