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Watching and waiting


There’s a ‘timeline’ that occurs with unmasking all narcissist enterprises.

By ‘narcissist’, I mean people and organisations who are two-faced hypocrites who prioritise appearances above all else, pretending to be ‘whiter-than-white’ while actually acting in some very evil ways.

A few years ago, I did a massive ‘deep dive’ on things like Narcissist Personality Disorder (NPD), and that led to a lot of personal teshuva, particularly in how I was treating my kids – and also some enormous upheavals in my social group, as I started weeding the ‘unfixable’ narcs out.

At the end of that process, we were pretty lonely.

But it taught me a huge amount about how the narcissistic playbook operates, that has helped me no-end.

And in this post, I want to share some of that stuff with you.


It feels we are currently in a stage of the geula process which I’d characterise as kind of ‘limbo’.

While this can feel very disconcerting and depressing, it’s actually a crucial part of this whole teshuva process.


Because Rabbenu explains that if all the evil was to be removed from us in one go – no-one would survive it.

We have been born and bred into such a densely-woven world of lies, that we’d literally lose our minds, if the curtain was pulled back on everything and everyone, all at once.

So, God is proceeding slowly, slowly, with ample breaks for everyone to catch their breath and to internalise the new ‘truth’ they are being exposed to.

Let’s see if we can try to unpick where we are currently holding, in the whole ‘exploding narcissism’ paradigm.


Here’s how this generally works:

Narcissism is all about manipulating and controlling others to do what you want, using any means necessary, but particularly, deception and ‘PR’.

Deception is actually the narc’s biggest weapon, because for as long as they can convince you that really they are nice and cuddly, and truly just have your best interests at heart – you keep switching off the big, red, flashing warning light that ‘something is not right here’.

If you want a real-world example of this, look no further than what happened with Covid 19.

Crippling lockdowns for our own good.

Mental-illness and developmental-delay-inducing mandatory face masks, even outside, even in 40+ weather – for our own good.

Closing millions of small businesses down all over the world for our own good.

Social distancing and ‘elbow handshakes’ for our own good.

And of course, the shots.

Ah, the shots. All for our own good.

(Just ask that Buffalo Bills guy, who recently had a cardiac arrest on the pitch aged 24. The Buffalo Bills have a policy of mandatory Covid 19 ‘vaccinations’.)


The ONLY reason they got away with all this, is because they had us all confused that they are working for us, and doing all this for our own good.

This is the classic ‘narcissist playbook’.

The actions speak for themselves – they are all yucky, destructive and bad.

But the words, the spin, the PR explanation of why all this is really great, wonderful, and for our own good – that’s what has got so many people confused and obedient.

As soon as you can show that these narcs AREN’T working for us, and AREN’T ‘nice and cuddly’ – the whole thing falls apart by itself.

Because the actions speak for themselves.


Here’s the thing:

For as long as we ourselves haven’t done the work, the teshuva, to identify OUR OWN NARCISSISTIC TENDENCIES, and to start to uproot them – we will continue to be swept along by the narcissist paradigm.

For as long as a person is continuing to justify their own controlling behaviour, manipulation of others, anger, lies and selfishness, hiding it all under headings like ‘the ends justify the means’, and ‘I am still a good person’ – they will continue to buy into the narcissist lies and manipulations at the national and global levels, too.

It’s like smokers.

It’s only once someone becomes an ‘ex-smoker’ that they start to understand just how bad all that stuff smells, and how hard it is to breathe around it.

But until they get to that stage, the smoking room is their favorite place.


So, now we’ve set all this out, here’s what usually happens during the ‘splitting away from narcissists’ timeline.


This stage can and does last for years.

Also, there are very many people who never actually get past this stage, because deep down, they don’t really want to know the truth about what’s going on, and how much they are really being manipulated and controlled by people with very bad middot.

It takes a lot of courage to finally face that beast down.

Not everyone can do it.

(Especially if they have a narcissist mum….)



This occurs when the narcissist, the narcissism, has overstepped the bounds, even for them.

Even though most people have been trained to not question and obediently obey authority, when the narcs ‘over do it’ too much, most people will eventually call out the bad behavior and evil actions that are occurring for our own good.

This happened with the mask mandates.

And it happened, at least in Israel, after booster shot 3 and the ‘green passports’, when even a lot of the brainwashed masses started pushing back and saying ‘enough’.

Because the ‘reality’ we could all see became too glaringly mismatched with the ‘story’ being told by the government and the media.



Narcs need us to buy into their version of things, to keep us docile and blindly obedient.

That’s a big part of why they pursue a stop-start policy of piling on the pressure – and then easing it up.

Because they know, way more than we do, that if the over do it, the spell will break, and we will stop buying their story that they are ‘good people’ doing everything for our own good.

And as soon as that fairytale ends, the whole balance tips and they have a massive problem on their hands.

So, to keep the fairytale going, they have to switch back into ‘kind and caring’  mode, at least for a little bit, so that people will keep believing them, and doing what they want.

That is currently where we are holding in this process, globally.

Mask mandates disappeared….green passports disappeared….mandatory shots disappeared….people can travel again, blahdy blah – go back to sleep!

Maybe, we all just imagined that our governments, media and medical establishment are totally corrupted and out to get us.


How long ‘Step 3’ continues depends on a few things:

  1. How badly the narcs damaged trust, and overstepped the line.
  2. How many people no longer believe them.
  3. How much time is required to lull enough of the people ‘back to sleep’, so they can start up with all their manipulation and control tactics again, without experiencing massive backlash.


I don’t know the answer to all these questions.

But, I can tell you that every single person that wakes up is making it way, way harder for the narcs to continue operating the way they have up until now, under the radar, just telling us all lies and fabrications 24/7.

Because remember: the actions always speak for themselves.

Which is why once the ‘brainwashing’ finally dissolves, the whole equation tips drastically, and immediately.

So now, there is kind of a ‘see-saw’ thing going on.

The narcs have a plan, an agenda, for total control.

But they also have a problem, inasmuch that if they move too obviously now, or too ‘evilly’ – the blinders will suddenly drop off the eyes of a bunch more people in the world, and then they have even more people who are going to be very hard for them to control, without resorting to full-on totalitarianism.


No-one believes ‘totalitarian dictators are nice people’.

It’s very hard to spin that one, even when you’re screaming about pandemics and ‘lockdowns save lives’.

People have a limit.

Just look at China.

Which brings us to step 4.



It breaks, because the narcs can’t help acting like narcs, and sooner or later, they will return to their controlling, manipulating, lying stunts, that are ‘spun’ as being for our own good, but feel very, very bad.

For people who have had their eyes open to the narcissistic playbook for a while, especially in their private lives, the paradigm ALREADY BROKE.

But for others, it is usually going to take something so shockingly bad, so obviously evil, so undeniable, that even they have to admit that there really is something very bad going on here.

(But note: even then, there will be those that refuse to see it. Mostly, these people are narcs themselves, and so can’t accept that ‘good people can do bad things’…. right to the bitter end.)


We are currently approaching Step 4.

For as long as the narcs continue to play softball, no-one is going to rise up and rebel.

Remember, deception is their greatest weapon.

But because more and more people ARE waking up – they aren’t trusting the media, the politicians, the doctors, the schools anymore – the deception is coming to the end of its ability to control.

Which means the narcs will be forced to go ‘full totalitarian’, if they want to continue to control.

And as soon as they do that – it’s obvious who they really are, and that none of this is being done for our own good.


All this is so finally balanced.

Each person who makes teshuva in their own dalet amot for their own narcissist tendencies is reducing the power of the narcs in the world, on every level.

Once enough of us make that teshuva – it’s game over for the narcs.

The only question is whether we do that ‘the sweet way’, before everything goes attempted full-totalitarian, or not.

I don’t know the answer to that question.


In the meantime, that explains why we’re in this strange kind of limbo right now.

Many people are feeling anxious, like the hammer is about to fall, in some way.

It IS.

Anyway that happens, the ultimate outcome is going to be good.

But getting there is going to be tricky.

Personally, that’s why I’m staying out of pointless arguments right now, and pointless discussions, because the truth is going to become obvious very soon, anyway.

And I’d rather spend my time trying to prepare myself mentally and spiritually, for what happens when the narcissistic paradigm finally comes crashing down, on all fronts.


The more of this work to uproot narcissism in your own life you do now, the easier ‘Step 4’ will be.

I know when I was going through this on the personal level, that by itself took me out for about three years.

It’s very, very challenging.

I can’t imagine combining that experience with also coming to the realisation that our governments are out to get us, and that the medical profession is totally corrupt and built on a mountain of lies.

This by itself is enough to give people a heart-attack.


So, that’s why God is drawing out this process, even though it sometimes feels unbearable.

Just keep talking to God, keeping making teshuva, keeping asking Him to show you the truth, and to draw close to the real tzaddikim – that’s the best preparation you can possibly do, to weather Step 4 in once piece.

And when the hammer does fall, remember that what it’s falling ON is the world of lies.

And the world of lies needs to be smashed to pieces, before Moshiach can really be revealed.

Just, we need to stay out of the way, as much as possible, until that process has been completed.


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  1. MF
    MF says:

    That’s why I am of the opinion that all your research on Frankists,etc is beneficial. As hard and intense as it is when you uncover and share your findings, it helps us see the truth and break our connection to them.


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