I’m sitting here watch the madness unfold in Israel, up the road and all around me.

And I am getting that feeling that all this is being planned, deliberately, from the top.

All our ‘dear political leaders’, left and right, secular and religious, paid and volunteering, seem to be in on this plan to tear the country apart with riots and strife.

It takes a ton of money and organisation to get tens of thousands of people dressing in exactly the same ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ white bonnets and red cloaks.

It takes a ton of money to organise all these flags and other props.

How do these protestors know, so easily, where all these senior government figures are going to be?

Where is the security details that are meant to be protecting these ministers 24/7?

Why are the police just letting hundreds of people barricade main roads in Tel Aviv, while running through unmanned barricades by the PM’s residence in Jerusalem?

As the questions pile up, I am really starting to believe this is being planned from the top, and is actually being orchestrated by the security services and military here in Israel.

And I’m not the only one.



This is a post that appeared on a Moran Eden Bergmann’s Telegram channel.

 She’s basically saying a lot of these figures leading the protests are known Shin Bet operatives.

Here’s a Google translate screenshot:


Here’s another comment from her, that basically sums things up:

A wise citizen does not take part in an engineered institutional protest that aims to bring about civil war.

That’s what is going on here – and not just here.

More than ever, don’t get involved in this!

Stay home and pray, avoid all mass demonstrations and protests.

Prayer, teshuva and charity is what is going to get this horrible situation to calm down, anything else is just playing into their hands.


The controllers are controlling all sides of this ‘argument’.

Netanyahu is their man, Gallant is their man, Lapid, Shabtai, Ben Gvir – no-one is working for you and me.


So, this time around, let’s not give our enemies what they want, which is all-out civil war between Jews.

We don’t have to agree with other people’s ideas and opinions, we can even find them puke-inducing.

BUT – we still have to love and respect the person, as much as possible, without putting ourselves in danger.

That’s the real test here.

I’m praying we pass it.



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  1. Yakov Butterfield
    Yakov Butterfield says:

    This is a “Color Revolution” sponsored by the US and the Devos Crowd witch includes the Israeli Devos Crowd. The only thing we can do is: Prayer, teshuva and charity. That means take a deep breath, keep away from the “Side show”, and smile. This will pass.

  2. Dean Maughvet
    Dean Maughvet says:

    All true, perhaps, v’gamzu l’tova.
    The state will implode, and that’s a good thing.
    Mashiach tzidkenu can’t come otherwise.
    Welcome it. Don’t fear it.
    They think they’re guiding events.
    Hashem is.
    And no worries. No hand-wringing.
    We’re on the road to geulah.
    It’s a bit bumpy, yeah?
    It’s also Hashem’s way of sorting the good from the bad.
    And giving the latter their due–
    Dean Maughvet

  3. AkK
    AkK says:

    I have been saying this from the beginning. It is all a sham. Quite amazing how thousands of people can be organized so quickly. All the signs look professionally printed. All designed to gas light the public once again. Now more than ever we need Achdut.

  4. moshe parry
    moshe parry says:

    because the romans of greenland have ordered the rothschild khazarians to arrange for isr to be the trigger for ww3 with the arabs and now with a new wrinkle… via a jewish civil war of brothers to tear the jewish state assunder… ala the website threeworldwars.com seeing as ukraine/russia or china/taiwan triggers for ww3 are just backup plans… real aim is to get isr and arabs to obliterate each other… always has been the goal… truth.out…

  5. Rivka Levy
    Rivka Levy says:

    It’s very encouraging, that more and more people are starting to figure this out.

    BH, we will have more and more achdus…. and we’ll get the changes we all are praying for and yearning for the sweet way, without a ton of bloodshed.

  6. moshe parry
    moshe parry says:

    I don’t think u quite understand… there is nothing we can do to prevent ww3 from erupting if it is indeed the predicted cataclysmic armaggedon ~ milchemet gog u’maygog… if it is it will surely happen… it is solely in Hashem’s hands and He has put these words about this war in the neviim’s mouths and pens long long ago and has determined to cause it to occur no matter what anyone does…
    yechezkel 38&39/zechariah14 thus these weren’t nevuot that could ever be reversed or undone like all the other bad or violent or negative prophecies laid down in sefer naviim which can be obviated by repentance and shmirat hamitzvot…

    ramban teaches that a nevuah that comes about via a shavuah being made from Hashem (“I raise my right hand and swear an oath” that such and such a thing will come to pass etc) or thru the agency of a command from Hashem to the navi to perform a symbolic action along with his pronouncement and recording of his prophecy… this nevuah CANNOT be averted… it MUST and WIll come to pass of a certainty… only thing that can be determined by our own deeds and tshuvah is whether this war and threat against yerushalayim comes in a good way where gog and all his hordes gets annihilated immediately without ever stepping foot inside eretz yisroel as depicted in yechezkel or whether due to our unworthiness it comes the bad way accompanied with much death and suffering and our being conquered for 9mos as set down in zechariah…

    in fact this coming war if it truly is the last war in human history was already foretold 4500yrs ago by noach after the flood where he proclaimed by nevuah that yefet’s reward for assisting shem in covering their father noach’s nakedness will be that his distant progeny gog and his entire army laid waste by Hashem would receive kevuarh (coverment) as the losing side of the final conflict in human history… (bereshit: 9)… truth.out…

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Rebbe Nachman teaches:

      “Before Mashiach, there will be a flood [of heresy] — not of water, only of strange thoughts, and they will cover all the high mountains. Even in the land of Israel where there was no flood, only because the [rain] descended powerfully, the water also ricocheted there.

      With sophisticated means, it won’t be possible to fight this, and all the royal ministers will be scattered and the kingdom won’t stand on its foundation.

      The only ones who will uphold it will be simple Jews who say Tehilim in simplicity. Therefore, when Mashiach comes, they will place the royal crown on his head.”


      Behold, the power of prayer, and tehillim said in simplicity and with emunat tzaddikim.

  7. moshe parry
    moshe parry says:

    of course if this ww3 is not yet the war of gog there is a small chance of stopping it from going off… but nothing anyone did prior to wws1&2 and people tried hard and did alot back then before both of them… but nothing anyone did made any difference at all… the devastating and destructive forces were unleashed by savage cowards who never got their own hands bloody nor ever risked their own families lives or treasures to prosecute these sick twisted and satanic conflicts… and as a result of what has been shaping up lately in the world it would seem we haven’t learned a darn thing since and here we go again… truth.out…

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The difference is, this time there is a real Tzaddik in the picture, who has been doing things behind the scenes for decades, to try and ‘ameliorate’ your foregone conclusion.

      If we follow the advice and path laid out by Rebbe Nachman, then things can and will turn around for the best.

      He taught that Moshiach takes over the world without firing a shot…

      I’ll take his path of teshuva, close connection to God and emuna, that God does listen to our prayers, and can and does change everything around from our prayers, charity and teshuva, over all this ‘doom and gloom’ xtian-armageddon rubbish, every single time.

        • Hava
          Hava says:

          They weren’t, ever, as you know well. But Xians tend to gravitate towards certain prophets whose words they can “interpret” as referring to their man-god. Yechezkel and Zecharya are two of them.

  8. moshe parry
    moshe parry says:

    come on… your rav is not a greater tzadik than were the chofetz chayim or the chozen ish or any of the true gedolim who were alive before during and some of them after those two absolute massive slaughterhouse massacre wars… their great zechusim and torah greatness did not stop these wars from occurring and neither will your one lone tzadik stop what is predicted to be more incendiary than both of those wars combined… get real… your rav is not greater than the chofetz chayim… no way… no how… sorry just the way it is in reality… your rav pales in significance compared even to who and what rav moshe feinstein was let alone when compared with the exalted spiritual stature of the holy chofetz chayim… truth.out…

    • Hava
      Hava says:

      Moshe, I beg your pardon. I take exception to the “one lone tzadik” phrase and most of the rest of your comment as well. Rebbe Nachman of Breslev was/is (depending on the context of what one is talking about) the grandson of Rabbi Yisrael the Ba’al Shem Tov, from whom the Chassidism we know today came and continues.

      I would stop dissing him if I were you, and I’m not a Breslever either.

      Generally, I really think we need to stop comparing our tzadikim to each other, as if all the rest are lying and only ours tells the truth. The Jews are scattered enough as it is.

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        Agreed – there are at least 36, and some say 72, Lamed Vav Tzaddikim in every generation, and each one is holy.

        There is also a head of those Tzaddikim, the ‘Tzaddik HaDor’, who is leading them, but all of the holy people – Tzaddikim or not – are all on the same side, and are working together for the good of Am Yisrael and the world.

        Just like Moshe in the midbar – he wasn’t the only Tzaddik, but he was the leader.

        I slant things ‘Breslev’ because that’s where I’m holding, that’s what speaks to me, that’s what works for me, that’s the teachings that really help me to deal with the world and myself.

        But of course there is ‘truth’ by other Tzaddikim too, and there are also a lot of fakers in Breslov.

        Part of the problem is being able to do the birur, without falling into unnecessary disrespect and sinat chinam of other people’s rebbes and rabbis.

        It’s a very narrow bridge, and I’m sure I’m not doing it as well as I could.


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