A reader just sent me the following.

***Updates Below***

It’s meant to be footage from 1933 taken in Chicago, showing an event organised by the Zionist Organisation of America (ZOA), where thousands of people wave flags with stars of David on them, while dancing around a huge bull-headed statue with an oven in it’s stomach…

While some “high priestess” stuffs what looks like a dead kid into it.

Here’s the first video:


And here is the second one:


The real evildoers are trying to set the authentic Jews up to take the fall for all of their many crimes against humanity.

I have no doubt that many of our ‘dear leaders’ in the Jewish community for many centuries, already, have been devil-worshipping ‘pretend Jews’.

These people were for sure worshipping demons in the time of the First Temple.

And they also denied the Oral Torah, in their incarnation as the ‘Sadduccees’.

And then, they created xtianity, with Yoshki – a Sadduccee Kohen who smuggled black magic out of Egypt to do his ‘miracles’ – as its figure-head.

And then, they morphed again, to become Sabeans, and then gnostic, demon-worshipping ‘xtians’, and then ‘Karaites’ with links to the Babylon Exilarchs, who married Frankist, non-Jewish royalty.

And this is still only half the story.


Those people then went on to corrupt the Jewish community further with more ‘false messiahs’ like Shabtai Tzvi (another ‘kohen’ descended from that same extended family of xtian-karaite-heretics), and then Jacob Frank…. on and on it goes.

And it’s still going.

But the question for this post is this:

Is this footage authentic?

Here’s how it’s being described on THIS site:

The event shown above was organized by the Zionist Organization of America, sponsored by the Jewish Agency for Palestine, and produced by Meyer Weisgal, with help from Rabbi Solomon Goldman as well as Maurice Samuel, the author of “You Gentiles.”

One of the big speakers at the event was none other than Chaim Weismann, first president of Israel and the guy who alongside Lionel Walter Rothschild authored the Balfour Declaration.


Readers, help me out here.

Not with unsupported ‘opinions’, but by helping me do some spade work.

Did an event of this nature really occur in 1933 in Chicago, organised by the ZOA?

That’s the first place to begin.

If the answer is ‘no’ – then where did this footage of thousands of people waving flags with ‘Stars of David’ on them, while worshipping the Ba’al, come from?


And if the answer is ‘yes’ – then that speaks for itself.


PS: the Benjamin Fulford site covered this story, which is where my reader found it.

‘Benjamin Fulford’ is another Q-style psy-ops site, designed to keep the people who care complacently believing that ‘the white hats’ have this all under control.

That’s baloney.

This evil IS going to break, but it’s going to break when each and every one of us take responsibility for challenging the evil in our own lives – and particularly, within our own hearts and souls.

And THEN, miraculously, all this evil will start to fall and topple.

But not because MI6 or Trump or Putin are doing anything.

They are all just following their script, and keeping people confused and away from making the personal teshuva required, because ‘the white hats are going to save the world’.

Forewarned is forearmed.



Ok, so I started checking out some of the ‘facts’ here. First of all, let’s start with Meyer Weisgal.

This comes from his Wikipedia page HERE:

Meyer Wolf Weisgal (1894 – 1977) was an American journalist, publisher, playwright, fundraiser, and Zionist activist who served as the President of the Weizmann Institute of Science and as the founding President of Beit Hatfutsot (the Jewish Diaspora Museum)….

In 1926, he published the first English translation of the works of Chaim Nachman Bialik. In 1932, he saw stage success with the play “The romance of a people”, and he continued to produce stage plays from then on. He conceived the opera-oratorioThe Eternal Road to alert the then-ignorant public to Hitler’s persecution of the Jews in 1937 Germany….

From 1921 until 1930, he was the first head of the Zionist Organization of America.

Through the World Zionist Organization he came in close contact with its chair Chaim Weizmann and acted as his personal representative since 1940. In 1944, he started an initiative for expanding the Daniel Sieff Research Institute (led by Weizmann) into what would become a leading multidisciplinary research university: this opened its doors on November 2, 1949, as the Weizmann Institute of Science.


I went to check out ‘the Eternal Road’ – you can find it in the MILKEN music archive HERE.

(Note that Michael Milken is mixed up in this again, in some very odd ways. Color me totally not-surprised.)

Here’s a screenshot (to the left).

It’s very possible that ‘Act II ‘Moses’ Scene 20, Moses receives the Commandments /Dance around the golden calf’ is what we’re looking at, in the footage above.

This opera-oratio was apparently first produced in 1937 – four years after the ZOA is meant to have held their gathering of 125,000 in Chicago.

That suggests that opera footage from 1937 got ‘spliced’ with other footage from 1933.


Why would anyone go to all the trouble of doing this?

Here’s my take.

Back in 1933, the zionists were busy cosy-ing up to Hitler and his nazis, and were signing the Ha’avera agreement which effectively broke the global economic blockade of Nazi Germany, enabling Germany to re-arm, and then leading to World War II and the Holocaust.

Thanks to books like In Jewish Blood, by journalist Steve Rodan, the true scope of the awful betrayal of the Jewish people by the zionist leadership is starting to come into proper focus now.

The zionist leadership have sold the real Jews out again, and again and again, for money and personal gain.

They did it in 1933.

They did it all throughout WW2.

They did it after WW2, when they started whitewashing the Nazis and rehabilitating West Germany in return for money from Bonn.

And they did it again, just now, by volunteering the State of Israel to be Big Pharma’s guineapig, for the Covid nanotech shots.


Our leaders colluded with Hitler; helped Nazi killers to escape after World War 2 – even to Eretz Yisrael itself!

Helped the war criminals stash and bank their stolen cash and ‘Jewish gold’ – for a cut.

And have continually worked to destroy the authentic real Jewish people all over the world – but especially in Israel.

And that work in continuing today.


So, this video and ‘story’ seems to be another classic ploy of burying the real, shocking truth, with OTT, fake, anti-semitic crap.

And what does that tell you, about sites like ‘Benjamin Fulford’, who are passing this stuff off as authentic?



Reader C. sent me this (thanks!):

So I think the video of the ZOA Chicago 1933 event is real. I only checked things quickly because I don’t have time to research this properly right now but it seems to have been an event called “The Romance of a People” and it was part of Chicago’s World Fair. Here are some links talking about it:


Here’s a couple of screenshots of the original newspaper article, above:


Meyer Weisgal, above, was the one who wrote and stage ‘The Romance of a People’.

Amazing, how the Zionist Organisation of America had oodles and oodles and oodles of money to stage lavish pageants like this one, and ‘The Eternal Road’, above, during the 1930s….. but apparently very little cash available to fund any real rescue operations to save real Jews from the Nazis….

Even today, the whole thing is built on lavish, top end propaganda, while the real actions to help real Jews, tachlis, is almost totally absent.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Go back and read how the zionists were painting the State of Israel as the only ‘saviour’ for the thousands of persecuted European Jews in 1933, when they were trying to get established and raise funds.

And then, compare and contrast with what they actually did in World War 2, and who they really saved.

Totally sickening.


So, it seems I am coming out of retirement again.

There is going to be more and more of this anti-semitic tripe being put out there, to try and blur the role the zionists actually played in the destruction of European Jewry in World War 2.

And the birur has to continue.

One way or another.


PS: I just wrote a review for ‘In Jewish Blood’ – but you won’t be able to see it on Amazon.

Apparently, Amazon has hidden my 5 star review from anyone else:

Censorship in action.

Apparently, not even believing Jews living in Israel who research these topics for themselves are allowed to say anything ‘bad’ about zionists….

Tell me again, that these people aren’t totally and utterly corrupt, on every level.


Tatty, come and rescue us from them!



Another reader, H. just sent me this link, with a very full description of the ‘Jewish Day’ and the Chicago World Trade Fair in 1933:


Here’s some snippets:

The Fair was a colossal effort. In the planning for over five years, it took place during the Great Depression. Yet by its emphasis on American technology, science and industry, the Fair was designed to show the strides made by the United States, and particularly the progress made by the city of Chicago since its founding in 1833….

According to Weisgal, the Jews of Chicago had been asked to participate in the World’s Fair. Negotiations went on for months as to whether the Jews were a race, a religion, or a nation; and if so, could they be represented by a building; and if a building, what kind of building? After the success of his 1932 Chanukah pageant, Weisgal felt inspired: “not a building, not an exhibit, but a pageant portraying five thousand years of Jewish history….

[How Weisgal got Chaim Weizmann to speak at the event:]

WEIZMANN: “What’s in it for the movement?”

WEISGAL: (with impressive emphasis and prayer in my heart) “If you will come to Chicago for one day, and make only one speech, even if for only five minutes, I will give you $100,000 for any Zionist fund you designate.”

WEIZMANN: “Put it in writing.”


$100,000 for a speech!

Back in 1933, when the dollar was still worth something….

And where did that money go?

Weisgal promised to raise $100,000 for Weizmann’s Central Refugee Fund, which was designated to help German Jews settle in Palestine, and Weizmann agreed to come to Chicago.


I did a bit of looking around, and I can’t find any information about any Jews Weizmann’s ‘Central Refugee Fund’ actually helped.

I would love to know where that massive amount of money, $100,000 in 1933 dollars, actually ended up, and what was done with it.

Who was actually rescued by Weizmann’s Central Refugee Fund?

Surely, it can’t be too hard to get an answer to that question….



11 replies
  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    I read your review twice: once before, and once after, you wrote your postscript. I can’t imagine why it would allow me to read it, but no one else.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      That’s weird. What I could see, of my own review, is that it was ‘hidden’ by the sensitivity filter until I replaced the word ‘zionist’ with the letter z.

      Then is showed up, with the postscript.

      Also, interesting that of 3 reviews given, 2 5 star and ‘verified purchases’, and one 1 star and not a verified purchase, that Amazon is weighting it 62% 5 stars to 38% 1 star…

      The censorship is amazing to me, even though really it shouldn’t be.

  2. Simcha VSasson
    Simcha VSasson says:

    In that picture from Sivan 15, 5693, or 1932 on the English calendar, it writes something fascinating!
    “…the staging of “A Romance of A People” on the occasion of Jewish Day at the Century of Progress…this method of participation in the Worlds Fair will serve to enhance Jewish creative ability…”
    There is so much we DONT understand about what the World Fairs were. The incubator babies and orphan trains and what seems to be a re-education process for transitioning from the Old World full of antiquitech and free energy and innovations into Corporate controlled and repackaged tech.

    To scratch the surface on this…
    Jon Levi has great videos on this:
    As does Michelle Gibson:

    But it’s crazy in this context, to understand how a lavishly produced play of Jews worshipping Baal, instead of doing Torah-based mitzvot or a beautiful Biblical story…would be the Jewish contribution or message that they’d want to present at a World Fair. Wow, Gonna keep exploring. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Another piece of the puzzle regarding our lost world.

    • JR
      JR says:

      “, to understand how a lavishly produced play of Jews worshipping Baal, instead of doing Torah-based mitzvot or a beautiful Biblical story…”

      You’re simple wrong about the facts. The pagent covered the “beautiful Biblical stor”ies in תנ”ך which includes the עגל (not the בעל). From the clip itself, you can see the לוחות.

  3. moshe parry
    moshe parry says:

    none of you know what’s flying until you get and read “pawns in the game” by william guy carr first published in 1958…

    and u have to read it cover to cover skipping nothing no matter how hard the middle is to get through…

    this is the book of books laying out and explaining the evil conspiracy facts of the nefarious scheme to destroy the world which has been going on for centuries and actually for millenia going back to the rasha nimrod from genesis 11…

    it’s all in there… it connects all the dots going all the way back to where it all began… it names names and exposes the entire diabolical plot arrayed against decent humanity all along the way…

    if u haven’t read this book u simply do not have a clue about what is going on today and where it emanates from… u are shooting in the blind finding connections that are either not really there or if real do not lead to the discovery of the full truth… u may find aspects of the truth but u will not be able to put it all together and see the complete truth until you read this account by an eyewitness to it all from ww1 past ww2…

    anyone can say anything based on facts found… I know because that’s what I’ve been doing all these yrs… surmising what must have occurred or might have taken place… however this book penetrates the distant mist and cloud blocking our perception and knowledge of what happened way back when…

    I urge u all in all arduosness and earnestness to see for yourself what I’m talking about… truth.out…

    • Hava
      Hava says:

      Moshe Parry, I’m looking at Pawns in the Game now (It can be downloaded for free in PDF format), and it paints a way-too-broad brush over the entire Jewish people, never mind the fact that the source of most of the info is the “new” testament.

      We are all too familiar with the Xian view of ALL Jews. Very few are considered innocent, even children.

      I searched and noticed that there are MANY instances of the word “Jew” in this book, but only 3 instances of “orthodox” – and one of these refers to Christians. Considering that the author says that the guilty “Jews” are fewer than the non-guilty ones at one point, there should be more reference to the innocent ones, at least to offset the expected ANTISEMITISM against ALL.

      Wouldn’t you think?

      I found it here: https://archive.org/details/pdfy-ErQdXjkiz6wTPpsD

  4. JR
    JR says:

    There was no עבודה זרה, what you’re seeing is a prop.
    There were no idol worshippers, the people were actors.

    ” cosy-ing up to Hitler”
    Bribery isn’t cosying up. פדיון שבויים – that is paying bribes to our enemies has been practiced (or just proposed) for centuries- from Maharam Rotenberg to Gilad Shalit.

    “the Ha’avera agreement”
    …still remains controversial because on the one hand it saved many Jews, but on the other hand it violated boycott. What’s interesting is that Artscroll accuses those Zionists opposed to Ha’avara of being against a rescue plan. Very few at the time knew what Hitler was going to do.

    “Note that Michael Milken is mixed up in this again”
    Milken was born after the pagent, so he wasn’t involved. The Milken Archvie records Jewish themed music, most of it classical. For example, the recording Ben Zion Miller (well know in Boro Park) doing Slichot. Those who want to hear an exciting arrangement of authentic chassidish melodies should try: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koruub-7Kh0 . Also check out the Achron violin concerto and see if you can recognize the tunes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoO0KKvFJHQ&list=PLBDSNZgYbQQRVaMhAd75t5vb76FWpKvfB

    Milken probably dumped tons of cash into the organization but probably had little to do with the individual selection of the material which encompasses at least fifty CDs: https://www.naxos.com/CatalogueDetail/?id=NMIL51 .

    I also find it rather mean-sprited that you’re essentially accusing the hundreds of particpants in the pagent. These Jews were living in 1930s America when it took some guts to proudy display their Jewishness is such a public and audacious fashion. These Jews could very well be your grandparents, or grandparents of your friends, teachers or neighbors. They were innocent holy Jews and certainly did not commit עבודה זרה.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      OK, so according to you, trying to figure out the emotional reasons for your physical ailments, so you can work on yourself and make teshuva about them = ‘avoda zara’.

      BUT, dancing around a baal, mamash, and re-enacting child sacrifices = no problem.

      Got it.

      Also, I am in the process of trying to figure out just how many Jews the zionists actually ‘saved’.

      The Kastner train we know about – I am really struggling to come up with many more (who weren’t just the kapo sons, or nazi collaborators of Ben Gurion’s Jewish Agency members).

      Maybe you can help me, JR?

      Answer this question for me: how many Jews did Chaim Weizmann’s Central Refugee Fund actually help, tachlis?

      I’m finding that information very hard to pin down. For sure, there must have been a few – after all, he got a massive donation of $100k, back in 1933, so SOMEONE must have got out of Nazi Germany thanks to that money.

      But how many?

      And who?


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