When this turns around

Montana just signed into law that they are now blocking TikTok, with Telegram to follow soon.


Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s ‘new hire’ for CEO of Twitter is another ‘Klaus Schwab-ite’ – and it seems to me that Twitter has also recently closed down it’s ‘searchability’ from even a couple of weeks ago, and seems to be heading straight back into full ‘censorship’ mode.

That will leave us, once again, with the corrupt, bought and paid for government-owned MSM.

This changes when you and me stop making excuses for evil, and return whole-heartedly to God.

May it be soon.



You can probably tell, I got pretty bummed by this whole ‘censorship’ thing this week, especially as it pertains to yours truly.

But I just read an email – from T. – and a comment, from Yakov Butterfield, that is prompting me to look at all this differently, and to remember that God is in charge, here.

And God knows, how much time and effort all this ‘research’ takes all the time, and how much anxiety I’ve had from it, in various ways.

And I’m starting to think now, that maybe, this is just God’s way of pushing me in a different direction in my writing again.

It seems to me, more and more people are noticing ‘something is rotten ‘, and many more people are starting to call it out and recognise it.

Maybe, I’m not required to keep shouting from the rooftops about all this stuff now – because it’s going to come out more and more, and there is nothing ‘the baddies’ can do to stop that growing stream of consciousness from budding in the minds, hearts and souls of all of humanity.

The information is being ‘downloaded direct’ from shemayim.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ve come to that end of that particular job with the my writing, and it’s time to move on again.


Lots to think about, for me, over the next couple of days.

I plan on continuing here, as long as I can, but it’s very possible that God is telling me now to stop totally with all the conspiracy FACTS that I keep standing up here, and move into a more spiritual mode again.

In any case, it’s only God behind all this.

Social media is spiritual poison, we all know that, so the fewer people that can interact with it, the better, going forward.

So, maybe this is more of a sign of ‘redemption sprouting’ in a weird way, and not something I need to be getting so down about.

Censorship still sucks.

Of course.

It’s never coming from a ‘good place’ on some level.

But at the higher level, it’s all coming from God.

And God is only good.

And I have to think about what God is telling me here.


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  1. Vivian
    Vivian says:

    Rigka this week on one of my telegram chats someone posted an interview from 2006 on Tamar Yona s radio show.It was Rabbi Dr Adelman talking about the Sabbatean/Frankists the Illuminati and CFR and the families from the book u have featured.It was a 45 min interview and I was able to send it to my husband and another friend.So the info is being disseminated BH.Thamk u for all the red pilling u have been doing it’s definitely contributed to the Guela/Great Awakening Shabbat Shalom!!!

  2. AK
    AK says:


    Your blog gas been a total spiritual lifeline for so many of us. I hope you continue blog and maybe focus on helping more on strengthening ruchnius and spreading your Torah.

  3. Simon
    Simon says:

    Thank you for being the only source of “conspiracy” information that I know of that doesn’t just say “We’re all DOOMED!!”
    That God is in control.
    May God save me from losing sight of that.

  4. Malka
    Malka says:

    I get wh to ban Tick Tock, but Telegram? Because it’s Russian? I don’t see a threat. We are being monitored KGB or CIA, does it matter? I agree you probably need to step back from conspiracy realism. I might disagree on some things, but we are all Jews and we love our God and I hope soon with one soul, one heart. What I love about your blog is life in Israel. Only you provide report, thoughts, feeling, making it real. I can’t find satisfying piece of news from Israel, except from you. I appreciate it very much. ❤

  5. Simon
    Simon says:

    Again about “viruses”, my grandmother got sick and two days later I got sick.
    Often times I get sick and then my mother does.
    How do you explain that?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      We’re all connected, especially to family members.

      We get sick because of stress, or something kind of ‘poisoning the system’ from the outside – radiation, pollen, ‘bad vibes’, arsenic, etc etc etc


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