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flat earth

Serendipity strikes again.

I’m speed-listening through Mind Unveiled’s series on Tartaria, to try and sort more of the truth from the lies about that whole issue, from my own perspective as a believing Jew.

I’ve still got a way to go, but in the meantime, I went to check out Martin Liedtke’s ‘Flat Earth British’ channel again, which was also flagged to me by another reader.

And I found this there:


I have to say, it’s compelling.

But as always, come to your own conclusions.

While I was watching this, my daughter came in and started pulling faces. She told me that she doesn’t give a monkeys if the world if flat, or round, because it doesn’t impact her life in any way.

I totally disagree.

Because once you can prove they are lying about the world being a limited globe – and I think having watched this, you CAN actually prove they are lying, scientifically, not least because WATER ALWAYS FINDS IT’S LEVEL – then you can understand they are lying about everything.


Especially the idea that the world is somehow ‘random’, or that the sun is the centre of the universe, instead of stationary planet earth, perfectly designed by Hashem to support life, and especially, human life.


Because human life is the most important thing in the world, to Hashem.

Or to put this another way, YOU are the most important thing in the Universe, to Hashem.

And everything has been created to support and nurture YOU.


Doesn’t that start to change the whole picture radically?

Can’t you feel, how much more hope and happiness there is, when we know that God designed all this specifically, for you and me?

There is Someone to talk to.

There is Someone listening to our prayers.

There is Someone who has designed our whole experience down here, down to the ants in our kitchen and the leaf falling before our feet on the pavement, when we talk a walk outside.


The whole world was created just for us.

No wonder, they are going all out to just keep hiding that fact, and to keep pumping us up with ‘fear porn’ all the time about the weather, the economy, ‘food shortages’, ‘climate change’, wars in Ukraine, terrorists, Iranian nukes, blahdy blahdy blah.

God made this whole world for you.

There is everything to pray for, there is everything to hope for.

And if you take one lesson away from this video, let that be it.


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  1. Darin Sunley
    Darin Sunley says:

    I’ve read some of the Tartaria stuff. It’s hard to know what to make of it.

    On the one hand, they make some compelling points, particularly if one already has sympathy for catastrophism in history and geology.

    On the other hand, much of the fundamental research is Russian (that’s not a problem in and of itself) and blazingly anti-semitic. Big red flag!

    On the gripping hand, most of the plain obvious faults in historical documents they point to are problems with western xtian documents and chronologies. It seems like Jewish historical records would be an incredibly useful secondary source for this history, particularly during the “Dark Age”, and I would love to see at least an attempted reconciliation betweent Jewish historical sources and Fomenko (et al)’s “New Chronology” and related theories, particularly from the Talmudic era, but A ) I don’t know remotely enough Jewish histiory – at the level of what documents survive from when and what is based on copies and interpolations from those vs. what is based on sound archaeology, and B ) such analyses are not, as far as I know, existent, because of the whole anti-semitic thing I menioned above.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      v interesting – I will check out Fomenko more. Any tips, where’s a good place to start? The ‘anti-semitism’ thing is very often used to make a subject verboten… That’s why the birur done by believing Jews themselves is so important.

  2. Molly
    Molly says:

    I’ve watched these before, and I don’t advertise it to most people I come across: I am on team flat. I used to share the same feelings as your daughter — “It’s inconsequential! What difference does it make?!” But then it dawned on me—it does make a difference because it plays a huge part in people’s feelings of self worth and seeking the answers of what’s it all for? Canada has legalized assisted suicide. Imagine a world where we all knew that earth was the center of the universe, and everything was indeed created for our enjoyment, exploration, and discovery. That we aren’t the result of a few elements bouncing together until consciousness accidentally appeared, but rather we were lovingly and carefully created for a divine purpose. Imagine a world where people felt a sense of self worth. It does make a difference, when you think about it in a big picture way, rather than an egocentric way.

    I watched a few videos from Jim Al-Khalili about the history of the discovery of the atom and the like. Well he glosses over this, but it stood out pretty clearly to me: there was a huge push from atheistic scientists to do whatever they could to push the evidence away from anything that even brushed up against the idea of creationism or the like. So from the very beginnings of these great scientific discoveries and observations the narrative had been skewed toward their preference. We’re very lucky as it is that they “allowed” the Big Bang theory to persist. It stunk too much of creationism for some minds. But they were unable to deny it, the universe is ever-expanding in every direction and it indeed had a starting point, rather than the other popular theory that it had just always existed indefinitely with no true beginning.

    This world is supposed to be a free and beautiful playground for us humans to inhabit, discover, enrich, expand, beautify, etc etc. But the dark side has captured so much of every aspect of our lives that they’ve probably convinced themselves that they’ve “won.” But we are at a pivotal moment in history where we can either take back the means of production (for example by slowly become community farmers and traders again) OR we can sit back and allow the dark side to carefully move each of their final chess pieces until they’ve gotten us cornered into complete digital and physical control.

    James Corbett of the Corbett report calls it “hopium” the addiction to hope. Just sitting around hoping things will change. No, that just won’t do. We have to excuse ourselves from all of their systems, from the banks, to the supermarkets, to the hospitals, everything.

    What does that look like? Some people are taking the “Ecovillage” route. Where you rally together a handful of aware individuals to pool their money together to buy a little bit of land, farm together, home birth, learn herbalism, etc. The only limit to the solutions is our imagination. Have a community tool shed where everyone shares the tools. Community is my shining star example of an answer. I hope others can chime in. And I don’t want to hear about how it’s impossible. With hashems help anything is possible.

    • Tikvah
      Tikvah says:

      Beautifully put Molly. Everything is possible! I work full time, but have, with Hashem’s help, managed to cultivate a garden in my back yard and growing herbs, vegetables as well as a bee hive and chickens. It’s incredibly therapeutic. I’m sure Hashem is knitting people together to form such communities as we start to leave this system that has imprisoned us till now.

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        Good for you, Tikvah. I’m really proud of you that you managed to do that. It takes a lot of effort and commitment.

      • Molly
        Molly says:

        Well done tivkah! I too have started a garden. We have bok Choy, collards, kale, and a few other things growing in our yard. I know it’s not the most exciting thing to hear, that we have to produce for ourselves to make a difference. When our hearts inexplicably harden to the thought of a certain Avenue of solutions, it’s a clue that it’s something we need to sincerely explore.

  3. Tikvah
    Tikvah says:

    Having watched the full documentary “What on Earth Happened”, I must admit that the case for a “flat” earth is very strong. And like you said, it gives one much more hope and happiness. Even looking at the planets through the Nikon camera, as opposed to the fake Nasa images, simply marvellous. I have thrown away everything I grew up being taught. It’s all lies. It’s an interesting journey, starting afresh.
    Just goes to show how easy it was for the “powers that be” to alter everything, science, history, you name it, and teach a world full of lies.
    Well, bit by bit, it’s all being uncovered now for those willing to challenge their own mind set and be de-programmed.
    Shabbat Shalom Rivka!

  4. shmaryah
    shmaryah says:

    The earth would be far more limited as a disc than a globe. The earth is proveably geoid in shape, meaning it is slightly bulged at the equator and flatter at the poles. It is interesting to note that the vatican was and is the biggest proponent of the flat earth movement, as both Galileio and Coperinicus could attest to. The arguement for heliocentrism can be more readily observed than geocentrism. In any case, it is quite easily observable the curvature of the earth when one is foolhardy enough to jump from a plane at 18,000 feet with an oxygen tank and a parachute, as I have done. There is no hypothesis or theory that can convince me otherwise.


    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      But it’s known that there is an optical illusion of curvature from a distance – they showed that in the video even on a totally straight road that was only 650 m long – it still ‘curved away’.

      What I’m pondering is how the water doesn’t ‘pool to the bottom’ of the massive, 250 miles long Great Lake of Michigan.

      If there is meant to be a curved drop-off of 8 inches per square mile, as per the geodesic model for earth, then 250 miles x 8 inches = 2000 inches.

      That’s 167 ft, or almost a third of mile!

      How is the water ‘hugging’ that bend?

      And if you’re going to say ‘gravity’, then why do we not see that happening anywhere else in our every day experiences?

      I just poured some water on a pan that was tilted on a slight angle. No water stayed ‘at the top’ of the pan. Does gravity only work on massive amounts of water in the great lakes?

      How does that make sense?

    • Shimshon
      Shimshon says:

      Regurgitating science talking points doesn’t make you wise or intelligent. You understanding of the history of the Catholic Church vis a vis both Copernicus and Galileo is literally childish.

      There is no way to explain how an object alleged to be 2000 miles in diameter only casts a shadow 70 miles wide on the earth. Being over 200000 miles away, or pointing at absurd diagrams doesn’t make it so. It just means the object casting the shadow can be no more than 70 miles wide.

      Of course the earth is far less limited as a disc, for the simple reason that we don’t know it is a disc, but we do know it is a plane. And we definitely do not know its extent. A globe earth, by definition, is limited, and the claim is, has been completely explored.

      Jews who claim to believe in the veracity of our mesorah are some of the worst worshipers of science alive. I say this from personal experience.

      When I discovered we can see too far several years ago, I thought some of my fellow Jews would be interested in the implications. Nothing doing. Several misquoted the Talmudic statement back to me that the “world is shaped like a ball”. Instead, they read it is as the earth is shaped such. Not a one. Fear and horror were the typical response. One friend, who knows how false the mainstream media is, retorted back to me, and I quote, “Sorry Shimshon, this is one thing I think the media got right.”

    • Simon
      Simon says:

      I imagine what you saw is just called perspective… Where things in the distance become invisible after a point. And it works on a flat surface.

  5. Simon
    Simon says:

    I’ve been wondering what you think about flat earth for a while. I, for one, also think the earth is flat, and even that I KNOW it is based on my experience. I’ve been on a plane 53000 feet in the air and the horizon is 100% flat (well not in California, where it’s mountainous). When an apple falls in water, the earth’s “gravity” doesn’t “pull” the apple toward it at all. The second law of thermodynamics is that gas will expand to fill a vaccum. “Outer space” is said to be a vaccum, and yet the air does not fill “outer space.” And so on and so on. Also the Bereshit creation account was written (by God) with flat earth in mind. The “other suns” and “other worlds” (stars and wandering stars) in Bereshit are just called “lights” in Bereshit. There’s also an expanse mentioned that separated the upper waters (where some say the stars are, and where the Great Flood waters rained from) from the lower waters (the seas).
    And Yosef was like Polaris (which all stars revolve around), when he said, “The sun, the moon, and eleven stars are bowing down to me.”
    At my high school, they’re teaching me that (and this was kind of a joke, but these are the literal words) we (Americans) are “climate criminals” and “nazis” (when the climate propagandists and UN and WEF are the literal nazis).

    As a side question, I’ve been struggling even more today and yesterday at school with feeling depressed (not, thank God, when I get home) and overthinking everything. I know how to do what Jews call “hitbodedut,” but what really should I say about this problem? I am, by the way, saying Rabbi Berland’s prayer for depression and reading Tikun Haklali. All of these struggles just show that I — part of this lowly generation — like it says in Rabbi Berland’s prayer for humility, am “the worst person in the world.” How can I be arrogant at such a lowly level?
    I’m still new to these things, so please forgive me for asking a lot of questions.
    Thanks, and may God bring the redemption in the blink of an eye.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I’m honestly amazed you are only 15…. it’s really showing how your generation is actually so much smarter than anyone gives you credit for.

      Overcoming depression is not a 5 minute fix, especially when you’re still in such a toxic atmosphere like school in CA, where they seem to be churning out propaganda 24/7 designed to depress and oppress their students.

      Practically speaking, exercise can be really helpful, especially when you’re starting to feel that downward ‘pull’.

      Hitbodedut is v simple. You just say something like: I bind myself to all the True Tzaddikim, and I also bind myself to the mitvah to love my fellow as myself.

      This is the intro Breslovers use, to start their hitbodedut. Then, decide how much time you are going to be talking to God – you can do it sitting, walking, lying in bed, watching the sea, whatever works for you.

      And simply, talk out what’s on your heart. Tell God, how confused you feel about X, how upset you are about Y. If you can’t find words, then just ‘be’ – that’s also so very good. To just sit quiet, and ‘be’ with God, even for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, whatever you decide.

      Slowly does it, but build up the habit. It literally changes your life and frees your mind.

  6. Adam
    Adam says:

    The rambam clearly says in Hilchot Yesodei hatorah that the earth is a globe.
    Also the gemara mentions the number of stars in the universe, the exact time of the renewal of the moon etc
    Rabbeinu saadia gaon also said most chachamim of his time believed the world being a globe shape

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      But there are many Rabbinic opinions that disagree with that view.

      One of my readers was thrashing this out in the sources a while back – MF, do you want to repost what you were learning, last year? Or email me, and I’ll repost it.

    • Shimshon
      Shimshon says:

      The olam is not the eretz. The olam is shaped like a ball. The eretz? Not so much. I wish people who think they are acting Talmudic, actually did so.

      Now, what exactly did the Rambam think is shaped like a ball? Was he merely quoting the Talmud?

      It’s sad that apikorsim know more about the Talmud than people who have their heads on straight. They will tell you, with citations, that to the extent the Talmud comments on the shape of the earth, it considers it flat. That’s why they’re apikorsim. Because they think the Talmud is wrong and worthy of mockery, chas v’shalom.

      You? You’re wrong, and the Talmud is right. So is the Tanach.

  7. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    I saw the David Weiss interview of Ruth when it first came out in early 2020. I found it very moving. It was quite an inspiration and discovery. How anyone can insist on accepting unquestioningly Holocaust testimonials and at the same time deny Ruth’s clear and level-headed remembrance of a vivid memory of her own youth is beyond me. To deny one is to deny the other.

    Besides the clear evidence accessible to all of us that we can see too far, this testimony of Ruth’s single-handedly demolished the entire narrative I was taught from youth.

    I don’t need to know who does it (though it has the deceptive fingerprints of the actual Amalek all over it), or how (lots and lots of green screen is one technique), to know that a grand deception is being perpetrated, or even why, which is patently obvious to open-minded believers. How does Amalek wage war against Hashem? By getting Hashem’s creations to deny He exists (atheism), or even if he does (agnosticism), that it doesn’t really matter anyway. For the alleged believers among us, that the world is rationalist and materialist and operates in strictly reductionist terms.

    I also know, having worked in the space program decades ago as a hard-core believer, long before I learned that it’s all fake, such a deception does not need that many people to organize and perpetrate. There is a high degree of compartmentalization going on such that no one really knows what anyone else is doing, or how all the pieces fit together.

  8. Miriam
    Miriam says:

    I homeschool my kids partly because I don’t trust what they have been teaching kids in school and through media and mostly because I want educators who are awake to what’s going on teaching them and I haven’t found that in any nearby school. I know most of what we have been made to think is 100% true are lies. I can agree 2+2=4 because math is pretty solid and trustworthy but when it comes to science, history or geography, I tell my kids what they have always taught us cannot be believed at face value. We must do our own research and know they have an agenda to lead us far from Hashem and the Torah. We read what the Torah says and how globe/flat Earth is debated even among the sages of the past and we come to the conclusion that maybe the Earth is flat or maybe round, we have to find out more. We have no real proof with pictures or video so all the books which show a globe we know is fake. We laugh at the moon landing videos and pictures and looking it with our opened eyes, we can see how fake it looks. No stars ever in those pictures, light from the wrong angles, all the exploration in the tiniest area. We listen to rabbis who talk about the flat earth with a dome so it really is globe like around the firmament and I have to listen more to understand how they interpret the Zohar which says it’s like a ball. We know there are 7 layers underneath with subterranean levels, it’s hard to picture a total globe with that but easier with a half globe and a flat earth.


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