Zoom class, and one of the best songs ever

First, listen to this:


It’s by someone I’ve known for a while, a very talented young musician who has finally managed to get this song ‘done’ and out to the wider world.

I literally get chills down my back listening to it.

(It’s a woman singing, so if that’s a problem, then don’t listen to it.)


If you only knew all the confusions, the doubts, the forward and backward that’s gone on behind the scenes, to get this song to this stage….

But now, finally, it’s arrived, BH.


In my chats with people, it seems that so many of us have been going through a lot of confusion, up and down, and intense emotional turmoil, over recent weeks.

I know I certainly have.

Underneath it all, is this burning question of what am I really doing with my life?

And, am I really living the life God intended me to live, and doing what He wants me to do?

That’s been sparking off a lot of changes, and a lot of yearning for changes, in a bunch of different ways.


I will write more about this when it’s a bit more ‘settled’, but I feel that God is pushing all of us to start travelling towards putting our ‘real self’ out there in the world, and to live a more authentic, honest, and simple life.

This has so many different aspects, so many different facets, but the starting place is to start living life as ‘the real us’ – whoever that person actually is.

And not just to live life in ‘robot’ mode, or ‘mindless zombie’ mode, where we let the media, or ‘experts’, or even, our mum, do all the thinking and deciding for us.


In other news, it looks like the Zoom class will happen, BH.

One of my readers wanted to know what the ‘experiment’ part is.

I won’t be zapping anyone with UV  light, or seeing if their veins glow in the dark….

The ‘experiment’ is just to see if anyone is interested in learning more about how health really work from me, over zoom, at least once.

With a view to encouraging people to participate more in the process of keeping themselves and their families more healthy, and to stop relating to illness as 100% a physical issue.

Human health spreads across the three dimensions of soul, mind and body.

And all three areas have to be ‘working’, for us to be truly healthy.

So, the class will just be explaining how this actually works, probably with some real examples, and also just sharing information around that you’ll hopefully find useful, on what is going on right now, and how to stay healthy in our increasingly mad world where the ‘tech’ being rolled out is literally trying to kill us….


It will probably be on a Sunday in the next couple of weeks, and I’ll figure out a good time for all time zones.

And thanks to all who responded.


We gotta be us.

We have to put our ‘light’ out into the world, however God configured it.

And all of us have tremendous spiritual light to put out into the world, one way or another.

Maybe, just maybe, we are finally moving into that stage of this geula process where we can finally bring that light out, from under its bushel.

As a precursor to more light – the light of Moshiach – finally being revealed openly.



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  1. Jean-Charles Angot
    Jean-Charles Angot says:

    Hey, it looks that the light changes, a brighter loftier light, doesn’t it sound an “ohr cheli “אור שלי”.


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