go with the flow

The word in Hebrew for ‘going with the flow’ is zorem.

I had a little holiday the last few days up North, and just tried to do that.

To zorem.

The last few weeks, I have been feeling SO stressed. My eye was ‘ticking’ away, I had weirds aches and ‘clicks’ going on all over the place….

Partially, it’s the worry, partially it’s the stress, partially, it’s the lack of emuna, where I forgot that God is actually running the world, and has a plan.

Regardless of how it sometimes looks to us mere mortals.

So, I decided when we went away for a few days, instead of planning and planning and planning our break, like I usually do, we were just going to zorem.

And leave more space for God to decide how we spent our time.


The first night, the place where we were staying experienced a freak hurricane.

Our baal habayit had a tree blow over in his garden, and all night long you could hear the wind whistling around, and chairs and garden furniture being blown around, and tipped over.

That day, we’d had to cancel all the plans to visit this place, visit that place, because the weather was just so wet and blowy.

Zorem, zorem, zorem….

(I whispered to myself through clenched teeth).

If God was deciding we just had to stay home and read a bunch of books, or something, then fine.


That first day was actually awesome.

I read a book I’d just ordered called ‘Our earth, our cure‘, that gave me renewed hope that there really are so many ways we can cure our bodies, with God’s help, and without the corrupt Western medical profession.

More on that soon, BH.


The next day, we continued to take it uncharacteristically easy.

We walked around Tsfat. Slowly.

Visited some kivrei tzaddikim.

Sat on some stone steps in the Old City and watched the sun go down.

Zorem, zorem, zorem.


By day three, I was kind of back into ‘making things happen’ mode a bit more, and while there was some good stuff happening – like Rabbi Akiva’s tomb in Tiveria and Meir Baal Ha’Ness – the more ‘holiday-ish’ stuff we did, like a visit to the Hamat HaGader hot springs, kinda flopped.

Not for the first time, it showed me that without that spiritual dimension to  life, the ‘gashmiut’ just feels so empty and unfulfilling, somehow.


That first day, I shlepped up a bunch of wholewheat pitas, some really good sausages with a good hechsher, the gas thing to cook them, and some tomatoes and cucumbers, to stuff in the pitas.

But it turned out, I forgot the ketchup.

My husband and me looked at each other, horror-struck, after I’d spent a few minutes rummaging around the food bag.

Then, I realised that this is exactly how the yetzer hara ruins everything, all the time.

It takes all that tremendous effort, all that good stuff you’ve done, and tried to do, and boils it all down to the fact that but you forgot the ketchup….


Stuff the ketchup!!!

I told my husband.

Look at all the effort we put into getting this simple meal together, and let’s just love and appreciate ourselves for doing it, instead of beating ourselves up for ‘forgetting the ketchup’!!!!

I am starting to realise that there is some big work to do still, to develop the sort of positive and appreciative mindset I really need to have, going forward, to stop all the ‘stress’ of this world, and our current crazy situation, from taking me out all the time.

And it all starts at the level of the ketchup.


People, we have our work cut out for us!

More and more, I’m coming to the conclusion that what we believe, is what is going to make our reality, going forward.

When you have your eyes open, like BH so many of my readers do, that can make our current reality seem super-scary and stressful.

But we can’t just live in fear all the time!

That’s probably the very worst thing we could do, for so many reasons.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to balance ‘being awake’ with ‘being happy’, and BH, we’ll continue to explore that idea some more, over the next few days and weeks.

And I’m also going to fill out more parts of the ‘real human health’ equation too, because there are so many ways that God can use to heal us.

Without pills and Western doctors.

But so much of this rolls back around to that idea of what we believe, is what is going to make our reality.

Which is why emuna is the bedrock that every good thing, including hope and healing and happiness, is built on.



Lots of thinking going on here.

Lots of asking God to show me, how I balance ‘awake’ with ‘happy’.

Lots of figuring out how I can let go of as much as possible, and zorem, while still getting things done.

It’s a work in progress.

But there IS a light starting to shine at the end of the very long tunnel.

I just don’t know how long still, till we make it through, and out the other side.


PS: Baruch Hashem, I am still getting abusive comments from the person who liked to call himself ‘Jerusalem Resident’, or JR for short.

The latest one I just put into spam was his warning to you, dear reader, to run away from me and my site immediately, as I am apparently the last bastion of the ‘Rav Berland cult’.

That’s such a big compliment, I was thinking of printing it out big and framing it for my wall…

Just to be clear, the Rav, together with Rebbe Nachman, is where I get my strength and courage to continue writing this blog.

Every time I want to give up, or I want to run away, I get renewed koach from going to the Rav’s prayers, and / or reading his advice, and /or cracking open one of Rabbenu’s books.


If you don’t like that – as ‘JR’ clearly never did, and never could – then I suggest you take his advice, and run away from me and my blog.

The yucky people are always ‘anti’ the Rav, that’s just how it is.

So, if Rav Berland offends you, please do run away from here and never look back!

Because the days of me toning that side of things down just so I don’t upset anyone is past.

Rav Berland and Rebbe Nachman are a big part of the solution to the problems we are all facing right now.

And as things progress, I am going to be explaining more of why that is.

So, only stick around if you’re happy with that. And if you’re not…. there are plenty other blogs and sites you can read, b’simcha.

And in the meantime…. the poisonous commentators will keep getting sent to spam, until they finally get that message.

Because life is too short to keep arguing with yucky people.


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9 replies
  1. Talia
    Talia says:

    Rivka! You are absolutely right about working on our EMUNAH & connecting with Rabbi Nachman ZT”L …THANK YOU for being a bright light, some people are blinded by it…they can’t handle it. I am grateful, thankful & appreciate HASHEM for not abandoning us & revealing to our generation the TZADIK HADOR RAV ELIEZER BERLAND….May HASHEM PROTECT HIM AND EVERYONE THAT CLINGS TO THE EMET, TRUTH. The TRUTH WILL FREE EVERYONE, hopefully sooner rather than later!!!
    I also want to mention books by Ann Louise Gittleman who wrote “ZAPPED” discussing dirty electricity, how/when/why tons, terrific resources ( probably updated on her website) plus diet/herbs/ supplements to take…

  2. Tikvah Ruth
    Tikvah Ruth says:

    I’m sticking around for what it’s worth, even though I don’t contribute much, however, I anticipate your posts very much.
    I share exactly your mindset, except you word it so much much eloquently and far more in depth.
    I appreciate and love everything you post.
    Shabbat Shalom Rivkah.
    May it be one of refreshment for our neshamot and healing in every area.

  3. Simon
    Simon says:

    Rivka, if you could ‘sum up’ your advice about how to ‘survive’ the current Great Reset/NWO, what would it be?
    Also I am struggling sometimes (like right now) to trust in God through all this, these harsh decrees and judgments. I should pray for that.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Do hitbodedut (talking to God in your own words) for an hour every single day.

      Breathe through your nose as much as possible.

      Start reading up about the healing properties of clay.

      Give a lot of charity.

      And stop wasting your life doing things you know are wrong and / or hate.

      Every day could be our last, and we need to stop pushing off to tomorrow, what needs to be happening today.

      • Simon
        Simon says:

        What do I say in an hour of prayer?…
        I feel like I can barely last two minutes of personal prayer…
        (Also, remember, (I think, but maybe I am a Jew) I’m a non-Jew.)

        • Hava
          Hava says:

          Hi Simon,

          I’m sorry to interrupt, but I see that Rivka might be busy, so I hope I can help a little. I’ve seen most (if not all) of your posts, and I didn’t see where you said you were a non-Jew. You might have written to Rivka privately and told her that, but the rest of us wouldn’t know about it.

          There is a great deal of hope for you therefore, because you have only 7 laws to keep, whereas the Jews have 613; your laws are known as *the Noahide Laws*, and Jewish law includes them. Have you ever looked at them?

          I would start with https://sevennoahidelaws.com/ and http://noahide.org/.

          It’s not so much that they are easy, but they are all *commonsense things everyone should know* (but common sense isn’t so common…especially these days when evil is prevalent, on the surface and gotten away with to the extent that it has of late.). This might be why the things you are fighting against are bothering you so much. Because you know better, and you can be better.

          And, as Rivka said (and I’m strengthening what she said), we are all obligated to worship our Creator. This includes talking to him daily. Watch and listen for His answers! He has many ways to tell us what He wants of us, and manifest His presence to us when we call out to Him sincerely.

          I hope this helps. I believe you can do this, and wish you great success.

          • Simon
            Simon says:

            Thank you.
            I am familiar with the seven laws:
            Dinim, Brachat hashem, Avodah Zarah, Gilui arayot, Shofikhot damim, and Ever min hachai (which I think has become the hardest to keep now, with all the abominations being put in our food).
            I must say, the representations of the seven laws in those two sites you linked are not faithful to the ancient sources, and watered down kind of like how Chanuka was watered down from being about the Jews overcoming the Hellenistic assimilation and rededicating the temple to just being “Jewish Christmas.”
            Stuff like “acknowledge that there is one God…”
            The seven laws are all only prohibitions, except for Dinim (see Yeshaya 59:15 for how crap this one’s been fulfilled…).
            That first website looks like Uncle Sam’s givin’ em a $1500 paycheck every month.

            I actually have reason to think I might be Jewish… But I ain’t got proof, so I’ll have to wait for Eliyahu the prophet who will reveal definitively for me.

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